3 Ways To Burn Fat Like A Classic Bodybuilder

by Allen Gil November 24, 2014

3 Ways To Burn Fat Like A Classic Bodybuilder

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Pumping Iron is a film that defined an industry.

It’s the reason Bodybuilding (and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career) are what they are today. It brought heavy lifting and herculean physiques to the forefront of the nation’s minds.

• It also paved the way for how body-builders should look; that classic chiselled-from-stone body that has stood the test of time.

• Their body fat was low, their muscles big and their haircuts questionable.

But, that’s why you love them.

Today, I want to take a trip in the Delorean and explore those classic physiques.

And show you the three classic techniques they used to burn fat effectively:

1. Fasted Walking

As soon as you wake up, try heading out for 45-60 minute fasted walk.

This is an old method used by body builders throughout the ages. Which has scientific merit to it, too.

Not only is this a great way to tap into your fat stores, but it also allows you to de-stress, unwind and get out into the fresh air for a while.

This calming side effect can do wonders for your overall fat loss, too.

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2. Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting should form the basis of any great fat loss program.

The aim here is to make your body work as hard as possible, so it can effectively tuck into your fat stores after you finish training.

Arnold and Lou Ferrigno were famous for including heavy deadlifts, clean and jerks and back squats in their training, especially when centered on Fat Loss.

Try adopting a few more heavy lifts into the start of your workout to increase the fat burn effect.

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3. Eat Clean (But Not How You’d Think)

Chicken, Rice and Peas.

That’s the staple of the classic bodybuilding diet right? There wasn’t a piece of brown bread, pasta or rice to be seen on any plate, anywhere.

Despite the lack of research that existed back then, they knew they needed three things: lots of protein, solid carbs and vegetables. 

Now, I’m not saying you should limit your diet to chicken rice and peas, but in order to eat like a classic bodybuilder, there are two things you should focus on:

• Eat High GI Carbs (Even At Night): This is backed up by more modern-day research from John Kiefer. Eating high Glycaemic Index carbs can be better overall for your body fat levels.

Foods such as White Rice can be taken in after training or before bed, when your body isn’t in a ‘fat storage’ mode, for effective fat loss.

• Eat Little And Often: This has stood the test of time. Eating little and often is the classic go-to diet, that is incredible for fat loss.

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Use These Techniques However You Like!

This isn’t a set-in-stone philosophy.

More, techniques you can adapt in and around your own training. Apply each one however you feel – or all three at once – and monitor the results you get.

But I can guarantee, these techniques worked back then, and they still work now.

Give them a try! 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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