I bet I can guess your political views based on what you eat

by Allen Gil November 25, 2014

I bet I can guess your political views based on what you eat

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I'll guess your political views based exclusively on what you eat.

Did you know statisticians can predict your politics based on how you eat. One survey of thousands of restaurant-goers and shoppers analyzed the politics of establishments’ patrons and assigned each venue an index score based on how liberal or conservative their customer bases are.

Which restaurants/grocery stores scream “conservative” and which ones shout out “liberal” to you? Well, take the quick and see below for the startling results:

Quick Quiz:

1. When it comes to fast food, I’m partial to:

a. Arby’s
b. Chipotle
c. Subway

2. For chain restaurants, I dig:

a. Bob Evans
b. The Cheesecake Factory
c. Red Robin

3. I buy my groceries at:

a. Wal-Mart
b. Trader Joe’s
c. Raley’s

4. Pizza-style preference?

a. Deep-dish
b. Thin crust
c. Just normal pizza crust, thanks

5. Have you ever called yourself a foodie?

a. Huh?
b. Of course. But I prefer “food snob”
c. Probably once or twice – I love to try new recipes!

6. When you’re in the mood for exotic ethnic food, you go for:

a. Does a burger with salsa and guac count? Fine. Chinese.
b. Pan-Asian/French fusion
c. Greek or Italian

7. What’s in your glass?

a. 2% milk
b. Wine
c. Beer

8. Which sounds delish for dinner:

a. Burger on the grill
b. Coconut curry
c. Pizza ‘n salad

9. And your favorite Food Network star?

a. Paula Deen, y’all
b. Giada – and not just ‘cause of her boobs
c. Rachael Ray

Mostly A’s?

I suspect you’re a conservative.

Mostly B’s?

I guess you’re a liberal.

Mostly C’s?

I’m thinking you’re a political moderate.

Here’s that study I mentioned at the top.

Chain restaurants that are

• most conservative are O’Charley’s and Cracker Barrel,
• while California Pizza Kitchen and Romano’s Macaroni Grill are most liberal.

In fact, a recent Wall Street Journal article discussing shifting demographics in American suburbs discussed that the arrival of a

P.F. Chang’s or Chipotle in a given area can be a telltale sign that a conservative exurb is turning liberal.

Another study examined attitudinal preferences related to food in liberals and conservatives and found that

• conservatives are more likely to describe a cheeseburger as “delicious,” while liberals are more likely to proclaim them “disgusting.”

So was I right?

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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