25 Tips To Improve Your Training

by Allen Gil November 25, 2014

25 Tips To Improve Your Training

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Well, let's get down to it, shall we?

You want to improve. You want no barriers.

You want to get better, stronger, leaner, meaner (okay, okay), and, okay, here you go:

1. Start using a foam roller before your and after your workout.

2. Allocate 15 minutes to your warm up.

3. Take a Yoga Class 1-3x per week.

4. Start taking Omega 3's.

5. Drink more Green Tea.

6. Stop drinking instant coffee, start drinking filter coffee.

7. Plan your meals.

8. Plan your cheat days.

9. Start training barefoot.

10.Start doing single leg and arm training.

11.Stop training your abs and start training your core.

12.Stop comparing yourself to other guys in the gym and start comparing yourself to what you used to lift.

13. Listen to what your body is telling you.

14.Start playing a sport (your mind will love you for it).

15.Get a training partner.

16.Set an unachievable goal (then, achieve it).

17.Stop talking between sets.

18.Start measuring your muscles (at the same time, each week).

19.Take pictures of yourself (at the same time, each week).

20.Start working on the exercises you suck at.

21.If it’s not backed in science or athletics, don’t do it.

22.Choose the exercises that feel good, not the ones that are ‘supposed’ to be good 

23.Do an exercise class (just for fun).

24.Do Hill Sprints (and see just how easy the rest of your training gets).

25. Start focusing on improving your recovery time. Good luck and tweet at me and let me know how it goes!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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