7 Holiday Feast Strategies

by Allen Gil November 26, 2014

7 Holiday Feast Strategies

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Ever gain a few pounds over the holidays?

Yeah, that’s everyone.

So having a strategy going in to those feast meals is a really good idea!

Here are some ideas for navigating Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts to minimize the damage on the scale:

1. Exercise Before It Begins!

First things first, plan to get some exercise in the morning before the festivities begin.

Hit a Turkey Trot 5K or find a fun Christmas-themed workout to do.

strategies turkey trot

2. Arrive at Mealtime!

If you are a guest, not a host, try to arrive as close to the meal time as possible.

This will help you avoid grazing on appetizers for hours on end.

strategies doorbell

3. Small Portions, Fill Up on Supports!

Once the meal begins: Take small portions, and fill your plate primarily with supportive options.

Lean meat is often a main course, so building a plate full of lean meat and veggies should be easy!

strategies portions

4. Firsts are Firsts, and Lasts are to Share!

No seconds, and agree to share dessert with your SO or another willing participant.

Remember that this meal, while special, is merely a meal - stop eating when you’re satisfied! Allow yourself a small bite only of the treats that you can’t possibly pass up (grandma’s pie, for example).

strategies sharing

5. Bring A Support Food Network!

Bring something to contribute that will be supportive for you.

A tray of veggies for the grazing portion of the get-together is a good option, or a lean meat or salad for the meal.

strategies veggies

6. Find Your Lifejackets!

Designate certain foods as “safe foods” that you can eat all day long, like the veggie tray, or a fruit plate.

Make sure it’s something filling and healthy, so any time you feel like snacking, you know what to grab.

7. Keep The Calorie-Free Drink Closer!

Keep a non-caloric beverage in your hand when not at the table.

This keeps your hands out of trouble. If your other hand is wandering to snacks, find something else to keep it busy, like taking pictures or playing with the dog.

strategies tea So, what are you strategies?

How will you manage the Holiday Feasting Season?

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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