Capsule Wardrobe Project - Part 2: Results!

by Allen Gil November 28, 2014

Capsule Wardrobe Project - Part 2: Results!

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When I decided to try out the Capsule Wardrobe trend, I’ll admit I wasn’t completely sure about the process.

(Here's a link to Part One of my article.)

• All I knew was I needed to get a grip on my clothing situation to declutter my life.

I completely underestimated the entire thing.

I may have shed a tear (or twenty) as I stood before my busting-at-the-seams closet, trying to decide what to keep and what to let go.

At first, it was... okay.

• Sweaters I hadn’t worn in years because I live on the surface of the sun – gone!
• Dresses that are too short, or tight, or flashy – bye!
• But as the hangers were emptied, and I was faced with items I am emotionally tied to, the tears came.

Even writing this now, I feel the emotions surfacing for some threads and fabric that were a part of a great date, or fun night with friends.

Even though I don’t wear them, it was hard to let them out of my life.

I forged on and allowed myself to feel the sadness, knowing that once I let go of the excess I would feel better.

I kept pieces that are staples –

• my favorite jeans,
• a few pairs of shorts,
• dresses that can be styled up or down for whatever occasion,
• and tops that are interchangeable.

I am still in the process of narrowing down the exact final selection, but I am really REALLY close!

Items that I am letting go of are being sold, given to friends or donated so they can be a part of someone else’s great memories.

My goal was to keep around 30 key pieces that would work in my life for the next few months.

• Right now, I am just over that goal number, but I am proud that I finally let go of my massive, overcrowded, stress causing wardrobe.

As styles change, I will swap out an item here or there, but my overall goal is to keep my closet in check.

This experience was completely eye opening, and now that I am (mostly) on the other side of it, I feel better, but also

amazed at how tied we can get to an object in our lives.

I am very blessed to have people in my life that help me make wonderful memories, and I am going to focus on that, rather than the stuff I have. Clutter, and stress, and excess are unnecessary and pretty unhealthy and I am looking forward to my life of less. 

And I won’t miss doing a million loads of laundry now that I only own 30 articles of clothing!

Would you ever downsize your wardrobe in the pursuit of happiness?

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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