Vinyasa Yoga: Bending, Breathing and LOVING IT!

by Allen Gil November 29, 2014

Vinyasa Yoga: Bending, Breathing and LOVING IT!

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Fact: I have always loved yoga!

It’s a secret (or not-so-secret now) dream of mine to become a certified yoga instructor someday.

Everyone that I know that practices yoga regularly is so balanced and grounded and I really want that in my life.

A few weeks ago I put my budgetary concerns aside and signed up for three months of unlimited Vinyasa Yoga. I have tried several yoga classes of varying styles over the years and Vinyasa is my favorite.

I love my experience so far!

Each class is different than the last!

Even though similar poses are used throughout, the flow with each instructor is unique. I find the class physically challenging, but manageable because every pose can be modified to a person’s personal abilities.


The room is warm, to help keep muscles flexible and loose, but not sauna-like in a Bikram Yoga class.

Because the class is not limited by a specific series of poses, the sequence of postures is always changing and flowing - ensuring that your body is always challenged and always learning.

I also love the mental focus that comes with a Vinyasa class. It is important in any yoga practice to set an intention for your time on the mat, but the link between the movements and your breath is vital to Vinyasa and I am finding that my mind is so focused on the breathing that I let go of other worry.

Yep – I said it – my brain that is constantly full of useless worry FINALLY shuts up when I am in a yoga class.

It’s sort of amazing.

While a full-time commitment to yoga is slightly more expensive than I hoped it would be, I love the way I feel now that I am practicing regularly.

• In the past few weeks, I have been at least 3 (sometimes 4) times per week to my local studio (Yoga Palm Beach – if you are in South Florida, they rock!) and I look forward to my time on the mat every week.

Since I have a couple glorious months to go, I am hoping to see some real progress in my poses and in my ability to connect my breathing to my practice (it sounds easy, but it really isn’t)!

My biggest goal is to be able to hold a handstand without assistance from the wall.


This is both a mental and a physical challenge for me, and I am hoping to reach this goal by December, so I will keep you guys posted!

Have you taken a yoga class that you love?

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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