How to Start a Home Gym for Under $60

by Allen Gil November 30, 2014

How to Start a Home Gym for Under $60

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You can’t always get to the gym.

Because, well, life happens, doesn’t it?

• Your kids get ill.
• You drop a heavy box on your foot.
• Your meetings run late.
• Or, you just get attacked by a heard of angry polar bears…

Sh!t happens!

Instead of coming home late, flopping on the coach and feeling sorry for yourself, waiting for ‘tomorrow’ to get back into your training, why not have a place you can train at home?

“But, that’s expensive, home gym’s cost literally thousands of dollars to set up,” you say.

In this article I’m going to show you all the equipment you need to build a basic home gym for under $60, for those times when you really can’t get to the gym.

It’s not big and fancy, but it does the job.

Firstly, How Much Space Do You Need?

As much as you’ve got.

This ‘gym’ doesn’t need to take up all the space in your house.

I use whatever space is available in my house, from: the living room, the yard, the space next to my bed and the driveway.

So, whatever space is there when you go train is all the space you’ll need.

The Equipment

Yoga Mat: Keeps the sweat off the carpet, and saves your elbows from doing planks on a hardwood floor.

You can pick one up for under $7, right here.

Gymnastic Rings: You don’t need to buy a TRX to get the benefits of one. Instead, buy a set of Gymnastic rings for all the same benefits (with a wooden hoop).

You can get a set for $22, here.

Kettlebell: This is the only real expense here, as these cast iron Kettlebell’s can sometimes set you back up to around $45.

I’d recommend getting the 35lbs Kettlebell for $10.50 though, as it’s heavy enough to be hard to begin with, but light enough that you could progress to single arm work.

Swiss Ball: These are brilliant for core exercises, and I suggest you have one for your home gym (as well as using them in the actual gym, too).

You can pick one up for $10-15 (depending on size) right here.

Total: $54.50!

Now, this isn’t the type of gym that’s going to become the be-all-and-end-all of your training.

However you’re going to be able do some serious training here, with a mix of body-weight and resistance exercises for those days you really can’t get to the gym.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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