Fear the MOOBS

by Allen Gil December 01, 2014

Fear the MOOBS

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I’ve mentioned my kids being a big motivator for me to begin my fitness quest, but Danny boy has another confession to make.

I was getting “moobs.”

Call them what you like:

• man titties,
• he-hooters,
• dude rack,
• man-cans,
• papa tatas,
• breasticles,
• man-ories,
• or Victor’s Secrets…

they amount to the same thing: the tits of easy living, and I was growing a pair.

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I discovered my own budding moobs after I saw my friend with his shirt off at the pool. He sat slumped, back rounded with horrible posture, and there they were; a pair middle-aged sag bags where a formerly muscular chest had been.

That night, sequestered behind a locked bedroom door, I took off my over-sized tee shirt.

Sitting on the bed, elbows on my knees, eyes distant and unfocused, I feared what I might discover. It took me nearly a minute before looking down. My worst fears were confirmed and, it was terrible beyond words.

The lower half of my pecs drifted south, draping my upper ribcage while the top curved like a droopy ski jump.


What the hell happened? I was a pretty fit guy...

Oh wait, that was in my early and mid-twenties, now I was in my early forties. I had spent fifteen years working on my man-ories, fueling my body with the worst kinds of food and never exercising. Why was I so shocked that I could now support a training bra?


Plain and simple.

Like most people

• I was living in denial, digging my own grave with a fork and spoon.
• I was winded walking up stairs.
• I couldn’t run around with my kids and now.

I was growing moobs.

After my breast exam, I decided enough was enough. It was time for change.

But what to do? I didn’t have a gym membership or own free weights. All I had was the steely determination for a breast reduction.

To make this change, my workouts called for push-ups.

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I maintain that the push-up is the greatest upper body move there is.

There are so many variations to work all parts of the pecs, that within a short time, you can lose the moobs and develop a chest to be proud of.

• But the benefits don’t stop with your chest.

Push-ups build

• the shoulders,
• triceps,
• biceps,
• forearms,
• and upper and lower back

It engages your core, so you work your abdominals as well as strengthen your legs all over.

And the best part is, push-ups are FREE.

You don’t need a gym membership or own free weights to do them. You can do them anywhere, anytime.

If you have your own dude rack, you’re not beyond salvation. No matter how young or old, it’s not too late to have a muscular chest, without plastic surgery.

Just hit the floor and start pushing.

courtesy: Dan Masucci

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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