FitBit Announces 3 (YUP 3!!) New Fitness Trackers

by Allen Gil December 02, 2014

FitBit Announces 3 (YUP 3!!) New Fitness Trackers

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FitBit is back at it with the latest in fitness tracking to keep you on track!

I LOVE my FitBit Flex, but as I come up to my one year anniversary with my trusty Flex, I find myself wishing is did just a liiittttllee bit more for me.

Well, FitBit is listening and has recently announced the next line of activity trackers, and they sound AWESOME! With the technology and popularity advancing in this genre so quickly, it was only a matter of time before FitBit would answer!

I give you: the Charge, the Charge HR and the Surge.

The FitBit "Charge" (available NOW!)

The FitBit Charge is the first to be released in this new wave and it seems like the “my FitBit is giving me a rash” snafu really made FitBit stop to think about the construction of their products. This new tracker boasts a higher quality wristband with a much better clasp than the earlier releases, while still being water resistant.

The Charge also has:

• Automatic sleep detection so no more forgetting to put your wristband to sleep (I literally never remember to do that, so I am excited about the auto-sleep!)

• A bright OLED display that shows your daily stats and THE TIME (finally!!)

• Tracking for steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned & floors climbed

• Caller ID on the wristband, so now when that random 1-800 number calls you can see it on your wrist before you race across the room to answer it

• Longer battery life that will last around 7 days

2. The FitBit Charge HR (available early 2015 for $149.95)

The FitBit Charge HR comes with all the bells & whistles of the Charge with, wait for it, a HEART RATE MONITOR! Finally, FItBit, finally! I have been waiting for a heart rate monitor to more accurately calculate calories burned, and now it is on the horizon.

• FitBit has created a technology called PurePulse that uses safe LED lights to detect blood volume changes right from your wrist.

• While I am excited about not wearing that crazy heart rate strap around my chest, I am still a little wary of the accuracy, so time will tell.

• The PurePulse technology will keep track of all your heart rate stats, including resting heart rate and heart rate trends.

The only slight negative to this big brother to the Charge, is the slightly shorted battery life at 5 days.

3. The FitBit Surge (available early 2015 for $249.95)

The FitBit Surge is the biggest, baddest kid on the block and is being touted as FitBit’s “Fitness Super Watch.”

This beast will make all your gym buddies drool.

It comes with all the benefits of the Charge & Charge HR and then makes all your fitness watch dreams come true!

The Surge also has:

• Built in GPS! No more trying to run with my phone in my hand – or using Google Maps 0to figure out how far I ran. Hooray!

• The GPS also tracks pace, elevation, split times and workout summaries

• The eight sensors in the wristband record multi-sport activities with tailored metrics, workout intensity and calories burned

• Caller ID, text alerts and mobile music are now right on your wrist. No more strapping your bulky phone to your arm for your playlist, folks!

• All this with a whopping 7 days of battery life!

People interested in buying me a sweet birthday gift in January – pay attention!

While I can’t see myself upgrading my FitBit Flex for the Charge, I would completely be into the Surge if it truly works as it claims. I can’t wait for these new FitBit products to hit shelves so we can test them out and see if they really are as fantastic as they sound!

Which is your favorite?

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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