5 Nonfat Things to Do at a Holiday Party

by Allen Gil December 04, 2014

5 Nonfat Things to Do at a Holiday Party

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The Festive Eating Season will soon be upon us!

How will you manage to keep on track and avoid damaging your eating plan goals?

Here are five things you can do to limit the damage of party eating this year!

1. Don’t Go Hungry!

Eat before you go, because you can’t manage your eating if you’re ravenous.

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2. Go Late, Leave Early.

This will help you limit your exposure to temptation.

Focus on having concentrated fun while you’re there!

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3. Get A Drink Into Your Hand Asap Once You Arrive.

And you know that means something non-caloric, like

• soda water with lime,
• tea,
• coffee,
• diet soda,
• water, etc.

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4. Do Something Else With Your Other Hand.

Talk with your hands? Great! Keep at it. Otherwise:

• Take a camera and take pictures,
• hold your sweetie’s hand,
• play with the kids,
• pet the pets.

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Anything but leaving it free to shove holiday candies in your mouth!

5. Stand Anywhere But By The Food Table.

This one might be the most important of all.

• Find a chair in another room
• Stand in an area that won’t allow you to grab a cookie off that table during every pause in conversation!
• Bonus points if you find a spot where you can’t even SEE the food table!

What’s your strategy this Holiday Party Season?

Next time: Tips for limiting the damage at Holiday Meals!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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