Put Your Hands Up: Gimme All Your Passwords

by Allen Gil December 06, 2014

Put Your Hands Up: Gimme All Your Passwords

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If I have one more friend complain about how their partner went on their Facebook account and perused through their messages only to find a flirtatious exchange from two summers ago, I just might shoot myself!

Now don’t get me wrong, I AM GUILTY.

Ask my poor husband how many times I have accused him of scoping chicks on FB.

I want to shoot myself for two reasons.

First, dumbass, if you haven't erased everything from BEFORE you two met, you are just asking for trouble.

In case you don’t know let me enlighten you...women are curious by nature.

• We will peek,

• sneak and

• finally tear apart your old emails, messages, posts, tweets, comments, likes, shares...

password onefocusforwardcc.com

Need I go on?

With that being said, I certainly cannot categorize all women into this stereotype. • Some women are more like dudes and don't give a hoot about you past.....but I warn you, don’t be tricked by a smooth talking woman who comes off all secure and “above it all”.

More than likely she is just like the rest of us and will get pissy if your phone beeps after midnight.

I suggest you be ready to explain that. And I digress...so onto the second reason I want to shoot myself.

passwords twoi1.mirror.co.uk

If you have committed yourself to a relationship in which you are asking to be trusted, then you should not ever expect your passwords to be private.

• Regardless if you have given your partner a reason to be suspicious or not, your privacy is no longer a luxury.

• Argue with me all you want, but in the end, you WILL encounter an issue and when you do, you will remember my words.

• If you are in a relationship and insist your passwords are private and he/she should just trust you, then go shoot yourself...

I have too much to live for.

Clearly you have something to hide and if that’s the case you need to consider the single life.

passwords fourlovedoktas.com 

Sorry, but I’m just sayin’ it how it is.

Now there is a caveat to all of this.

• As I stated above, we ladies tend to get a little overzealous in our treasure hunt for the goods.

• Granted there may come a time where your partner takes a message out of context or sees that you “stumbled” upon a porn site...”HOW DID THAT GET IN MY HISTORY????”.

• Just take a deep breath and re-evaluate the importance of such visits over your relationship.

• If you know that your partner was born to be private detective then you know that you have to tread lightly.

Fortunately, the idea of knowing that your partner’s passwords are freely given gives most people a sense of confidence and dissipates all fear they may have.

Knowing that he/she could go snoop anytime he/she wants actually keeps them from snooping.

passwords threeall4women.co.za

Preventing them from seeing your stuff only makes them want to see it more.

So in essence giving your passwords and keeping you social media sites open, gives you more freedom than you ever expected!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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