You and Your Digital Ego

by Allen Gil December 07, 2014

You and Your Digital Ego

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Your fitness tracker is more about looking cool than getting results.

Black Friday every year thousands of people get mugged at the local mega-store trying to get a super deal on 47 pairs of socks, a new 900 inch flat screen TV and all kinds of other crap that they don’t need.

• Seriously, do we need a damn TV so big it can be seen from space?

• Do you actually have THX setup in your house?

Knock it off George Lucas!

Where am I going with this tirade? No clue. Oh wait, that’s right, buying stuff for the wrong reasons.


I see them all the time at the gym:



Microsoft Band,

Garmin Vivofit,

• and the UP 24 by Jawbone.

Do you know why I see them all the time?

Because the people wearing them can’t stop telling me all about their cool new electronic gadget.

I am all for people working towards their fitness goals and if they find a tool that helps them along the way, more power to them.

My issue is that it seems that these digital fitness trackers that are all the rage today are nothing more than glorified selfie accessories.

You think it’s a coincidence that all of these devices come in a million different colors just like my wife’s 317 pairs of shoes??

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Do these newfangled gadgets have value? Heck yes! They are great for:

• Keeping you on track with your activity throughout the day

• Tracking your steps

• A constant reminder to stop being a lazy turd

• Tracking your food consumption (Apps on your smart phone)

Great stuff! I am totally on board with using these wonderful pieces of technology to help wring out some more results on your fitness journey.

All I ask is that you people out there that slap one of these bad boys on your arm, wrist or wherever else you stick those things (ew?) make sure to pay as close of attention to the numbers and info that comes from using the tool as you do to how awesome it looks when you’re flexing in the mirror.

I know this sounds crazy, but you can achieve your fitness goals without announcing to everyone via a Facebook status update that you just had a “Killer workout bro! #beastmode”


Shut up. Work out. Eat right. Get results.

Let your body do the talking.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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