3 Best Sports Bras For... Defying Gravity

by Allen Gil December 08, 2014

3 Best Sports Bras For... Defying Gravity

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For a well-endowed woman, finding a supportive sports bra that's comfortable AND has proper coverage is like finding the Holy Grail.

When you find a brand that works, you commit to it for life.

(Can you propose to a sports bra? Because if so, I DO!)

Trust me, if I was able to, I'd totally rock the seamless spaghetti strap sports bras ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

Unfortunately, those are the types of sports bras I sleep in. Not workout in.

Here's my three personal FAVORITE sports bras for the busty ladies of the world who have also been on the never-ending search for the best functional sports bras.

1. Old Navy’s “Women’s Old Navy Active Sports Bra”

It’s a standard racerback sports bra and has been my go-to ever since I discovered how wonderful they fit (they also have great bathing suit tops for those who are D-DD cup size!).

• They always have the standard colors (black and grey) and then change up the colors according to the season.

• Therefore, you can always add to your collection. (wink, wink!)

• They have a great compression, not too tight, but keep the girls in place, and they seem to maintain their elasticity after multiple washes.

• I even throw mine into the dryer (I know, a taboo for the intimates world).

Whether you are running, doing yoga, or training with weights, this is my absolute favorite brand.

Also, excellent price point at under $20 (usually even less than $15, really, especially with coupons!).

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2. Champion’s “Women’s Absolute Sports Bra”

If you are able to get it over your head (compression problems), it’s really the next in line for me as far as my favorite sports bras go.

• The price is always consistent at around $12-$15.

• They wash well and are SUPER tight.

• So, if you like the girls to sit up a little higher (push-up action, woooohaaa!) and not budge, this is the sports bra for you.

They come in a WIDE variety of colors and are available on multiple platforms. Amazon, Sports Authority, Dicks, basically any sporting goods store.

sports bra championfitspogirl.com

3. Victoria’s Secret’s “Angel by Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra”

This one isn’t that awesome as far as price and compression, but for the girls who struggle to find racerback regular BRAS, this is my favorite option.

I never wear it to workout (but I could, I guess!) since I wear them under my regular clothes.

• The straps aren’t thick like most sports bras.

• You get a nice delicate spaghetti strap which makes it look perfect under tank tops.

• The best part about this sports bra, though, is that it comes in cup sizes and not just small, medium, and large.

• It’s comfy and cute... Love this option!

sports bra victoria's secreti4.minus.com

Have you come across any sports bras that keep em' put? Let me know! 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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