Athletic Greens

by Allen Gil December 08, 2014

Athletic Greens

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As a health and fitness coach I get asked a lot about supplements.

Do I take anything personally, and what do I recommend for fat-loss, muscle gain, increased energy etc.

My philosophy has always been: keep it natural.

I don’t take or recommend any complex hybrid chemicals made in a lab.

I recommend that we get our “supplements” from whole food nutrition.

• High quality,
• organic veggies and fruits,
• wild caught fish,
• pastured (aka grass-fed) beef, chicken etc.

athletic greens

If we eat healthy things, we will be healthy.

If we eat sufficient nutrients, we will have sufficient energy, immunity, and vitality to build muscle and burn fat as we desire.

However, I realize that most of us don’t eat enough veggies, and we don’t take the time and energy to eat ideal nutrition.

So I definitely recommend a Whole Food Vitamin supplement, not necessarily from Whole

Foods, but something that is sourced from high quality fruits and veggies, being most of us don’t get enough of them.

I’ve been on the lookout for something that works, without allergens and crazy additives, and I’ve come across Athletic Greens a number of times, from a number of different sources.

athletic greens

At first I was turned off by the price tag, and the “pushy” sales site, but it was recommended repeatedly by people I trust so I finally went for it about a month ago.

So far, so good!

• Taste - Surprisingly good as far as green powders go

• Nutrient profile - impressive, high quality sources, probiotics and digestives included.

• Results - I’m only about 2 weeks in but so far I’ve got better energy when I wake up, as well as more “go” during my workouts.

• Price - about $4/serving which is significantly more than the other products out there.

I can justify it because I know I should be eating at least $4+ more healthy vegs/fruits everyday, and if I’m going to spend extra $ on something, it might as well be my health.

I will continue to take this product as part of my health routine, and I will start recommending it to my clients.

For the skeptics here’s a much more in-depth review and comparison to the top 4 Whole Food supplements on the market.

And because you should be taking something, unless you’re a lean, mean juicing/vegetable eating machine, here's a link to Amazon’s sales page that has other high quality Whole Food vitamin supplements.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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