12 Stocking Stuffers for the Fitness Junkie

by Allen Gil December 10, 2014

12 Stocking Stuffers for the Fitness Junkie

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Now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday are behind us, tis the season to catch yourself annoyingly singing along to “Jingle Bells,” “Santa Clause is Coming to Town,” and “Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer” - not because you’re THAT excited for Christmas, as it’s still almost a month away, but because those damn jingles are INESCAPABLE. In any case, it’s a constant reminder that you better start thinking about what to get your loved ones as they “Rock around, the Christmas tree, blah blah blah.”

While Santa stuffs his face with cookies and milk (probably whole milk too... I can’t even.), us gym rats need all the relief we can get before the wave of obnoxious new year’s “resoluters” force us to wait twenty minutes for a bench.

Low and behold...GYFT’s list of stocking stuffers for the fitness junkie!

#1 fitbook lite

fitbook lite

In a world run on screens of all shapes and sizes, the go-to phrase being, “There’s an app for that” when attempting to make life easier, society undervalues elements of what made us who we are. For example, using an old-fashioned pen and paper to record thoughts and activity.

The fitbook lite is the newest product from Fitlosophy, offering a 6-week log of your food intake, water consumption, fitness activity, and tips to aid in your progress every step of the way.

One of the GYFT writers and NASM trainer, Sean, used fitbook lite and was impressed to find that recording his fitness and health goals in conjunction with his mood, enabled him to make tweaks needed to better his regimen.

We were curious to see how fitbook lite would stack up against the convenience of apps like MyFitnessPal, in which you can digitally record your fitness and health goals. We asked Kristin Creech, who works at a gym, what her experience was with fitbook lite, and her findings shed some light on how the “old-fashioned” way can still be most effective:

Motivation is literally my biggest enemy.

Between work, life and all the other “things” I could be doing instead of working out, it’s so much easier to not do it. I mean, I work in a gym. It really doesn't get much more convenient for someone to get in shape, but do I take advantage of that convenience? Um… NO. When I first bought the fitBook lite, and knowing myself, I automatically figured I would do it for a day or two and it would become a paperweight.


Something else happened though; I started to look forward to the little challenges the fitbook gave me. Not only did I start working out regularly, but I made it a point to drink much more water, just so I could check off one of those little boxes they have in the shape of an ice tray. Seriously, I drank so much water I think I spent half of my work shift running...to the bathroom. The way they set up this little book is brilliant to me. It’s so easy to use, it’s vibrant, challenging, organized and motivational. I’m not really one for committing, and this little book has me running everyday just because I get the satisfaction of filling out more of the page.

They've even got a box marked “Oops I missed it” referring to missing a work out, and trust me, I have check off a few of those, but I haven’t quite yet, and that’s saying a lot.  

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