#8 Shape Up

by Allen Gil December 10, 2014

#8 Shape Up

(Continued from 12 Stocking Stuffers For The Fitness Junkie)

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It’s a proven fact that working toward your fitness goals with other people influences your success because you’re able hold each other accountable.

There’s somebody there to smack the fork out of your hand, as you look both ways before diving fork-first into that ever-so-delicate chocolate fudge brownie your co-worker brought in.

What better accountability buddies than the ones you spend eight hours a day with, or more?

Shape Up is a social wellness platform encouraging employers to unite their staff under the common goal of living a healthier lifestyle, influenced by rewards decided upon by the employer.

What’s more fun than a little friendly competition at work? Through 6-8 week team challenges (office divided!), bonus challenges, and user-generated challenges, you’ll be amazed by the increase in office morale and individual physical progress.

Forget the holiday bonus this year; give a gift whose benefits go well beyond monetary value.

Get to work (out) here.

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Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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