#7 ZamZee

by Allen Gil December 10, 2014

#7  ZamZee

(Continued from 12 Stocking Stuffers For The Fitness Junkie)

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Growing up, the common notion in my household was “you need to be getting at least thirty minutes of exercise a day.”

Fortunately, my exercise wasn’t supervised, so I counted two songs of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and then had a snack.

Exercise: Check.

The ZamZee is the “Game that gets kids moving,” motivating them with games and an online rewards platform. Tracking activity duration and intensity, parents can see analytics of their kid’s activity levels. The ZamZee tracker straps on to a pocket, t-shirt, and for the rambunctious little devil, the shoelaces. ZamZee is also looking to revolutionize fitness for groups and families, offering different packages that can increase activity up to 59%.

Who knows, it could quite possibly change recess as we know it.

Get your kid’s eyes off Spongebob here.

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Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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