#10 Nuun Tablets

by Allen Gil December 10, 2014

#10 Nuun Tablets

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Unless you’re that guy or girl schlepping around a gallon jug of water every day, staying hydrated is a real pain-in-the-ass.

• First of all, you have to remember to bring water to work or class, either lugging around eight bottles of water, or having a convenient spout to refill eight different times.

• Then there’s peeing. lots. of. peeing.

• Try urinating every twenty minutes and convincing your friends that you don’t have an overactive bladder, you’re just hydrated.

Nuun tablets kill two pees with one flush.

These electrolyte-infused sports tabs allow you to pop one into your drink, embrace an explosion of delicious flavor, and replenish your body with the fluids and electrolytes it needs to stay hydrated and energized. Without the high levels of sugars in most sports drinks, Nuun tablets also come in a multitude of different flavors that allow you to make the most of the fluids you consume.

For the pill popper and caffeine addict, Nuun has recently introduced product lines with vitamin and energy-infused tablets as well!

Get yo drank on here.

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Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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