#4 Trigger Point Foam Roller 2.0

December 10, 2014

#4 Trigger Point Foam Roller 2.0

(Continued from 12 Stocking Stuffers For The Fitness Junkie)

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We’ve all seen those people in the “abs” area of the gym sprawled out, rolling around on a mat like a fish out of water, leaving you no room to bust out those bicycle crunches that stand between you and that killer post-workout protein shake.

All flopping fish aside, stretching is an integral part of ensuring muscle elasticity, which affects both your strength and endurance.

With the new Trigger Point Foam Rollers 2.0, you can effectively loosen up that incredibly tight lower back after your deadlifts, and your quads, IT band, and claves after a brutal leg day.

The vibrant colors even allow you to grimace in style.

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