#2 ViewSPORT Apparel

by Allen Gil December 10, 2014

#2 ViewSPORT Apparel

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ViewSPORT Aparell Testimonial

Part of motivating yourself to stay in shape, or get in shape, is the notion of “looking good, feeling good.”

Your physical appearance goes far beyond working out to get that six-pack. It’s your personal style—hopefully one that exudes confidence and says “Yea, I workout, but I am more than just a body of a Greek God. I have swagger.”

The hard-bodied fashionistas over at ViewSPORT Apparel understand the lifestyle of the fitness junkie, and are firm believers in looking good while you work to...look good.

With witty shirts that say things like “Drop it like a squat” or “Burpees don’t like you either,” their gym attire is loud, confident, and a constant motivator when checking out your guns in the mirror.

All apparel is made out of sweat-activated material, allowing you to stay dry and comfortable while working your ass off. Viewsport apparel is sure to catch the eyes of that chick crushing those tricep pull downs, or that guy you’ve been gawking at for the past three months and “coincidentally” are on his exact gym schedule...

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Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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