Don't Ever Try CrossFit (Unless You Want Results)

by Allen Gil December 11, 2014

Don't Ever Try CrossFit (Unless You Want Results)

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To be honest I have never even tried a CrossFit class.

I have had my right shoulder completely destroyed a few times over and after surgery it just doesn’t cooperate enough to be able to participate fully in a CrossFit WOD.


I absolutely love the demanding nature of the CrossFit culture, I thoroughly enjoy the varied modalities used in some of the WODs and Olympic lifting is something I have nearly all of my clients do.

What’s not to love?

Well, don’t ask that question out loud in your local gym because people who haven’t tried CrossFit (and some who have) are bound to share their opinions on what sucks about CrossFit:

• Everyone gets injured doing CrossFit.
• The WODs aren’t part of a progressive program.
• Being good at exercising is dumb! CrossFit isn’t even a real sport!
• CrossFit is a cult.
• This whole Paleo food thing is stupid.

I could go on and on with an even longer list, but how about we discuss why these 5 complaints are actually pretty stupid.

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1. Accidents Happen When You Push Beyond Limits

So you’re telling me that a group of athletes that push themselves to the highest levels of their physical capabilities sometimes get injured in the process? That’s crazy talk! I have ripped apart both of my knees, torn my left calf, dislocated 3 different fingers and damn near torn my right shoulder completely off and I was nowhere near a CrossFit box.

Perhaps the truth is, when you push your body to its limits, sometimes accidents happen, regardless of what the sport or athletic activity might be.

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2. Leave No Workout Behind

I know everyone thinks in order to get results you have to have every workout planned out and periodized so that you can control every single little detail that might affect the end results.

Settle down there fella, you might be over thinking things a little.

I am all for a progressive and planned out exercise program, heck that’s what I’ve made my living implementing for the last 21 years, but I am also a huge proponent of focusing on today’s workout more than worrying about yesterday’s or tomorrow’s. To be too focused on creating “the perfect plan” sometimes gets people lost in the fine print.

Perhaps CrossFit has it right: Push yourself every workout and you’ll get better with every workout.

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3. How Do You Define “Sport”?

Don’t even get me started on this one.

Real sport?

I suppose you think football or baseball are real sports right? You mean those children’s games that grown ass men play whilst wearing ultra-tight pants? Yeah, don’t even try it buddy.

I don’t want to hear how bad ass you think your “real sport” is because it involves a bunch of people fighting over a ball.

Not very macho if I do say so myself.

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4. Thinking Cult? Think Chick-Fil-A!

You know what is a cult?

People that like that stupid Chik-fil-A crap.

I’ve had their horrific chicken sandwiches. Garbage I tell you! Two buns, a chicken breast and a slice of pickle? Sorry, but I have taste buds.

If you are one of the people who rant and rave about this place, YOU are the problem, not CrossFit.

Let the nice people wear their long socks and talk amongst themselves about how great their snatches are. They aren’t harming anyone.

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5. Paleo Works.

I kinda like this whole Paleo food movement thing.

It’s simple and follows a lot of the principles I believe in when it comes to proper nutrition.

• Stop eating processed crap

• Eat more meats and veggies.

How is that bad?

Look, if you over analyze anything it breaks down at some point. Try looking at the good that this “diet” brings to our mega-obese country. It tells people to eat whole, fresh foods and that’s pretty good advice if you ask me. crossfit jason paleo Like I said before, I haven’t even taken part in a single CrossFit class, so I am not really invested in their fan club enough to be biased.

I call it like I see it and as far as I can tell, CrossFit is helping change lives for the better. So quit yer bitchen and get your ass down to a CrossFit box and try today’s WOD.

Better bring a chum bucket with you.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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