The Hunger Gains: Do You Lift Like Peeta or Gale?

by Allen Gil December 12, 2014

The Hunger Gains: Do You Lift Like Peeta or Gale?

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A mere six months ago, I was a typical Hunger Games “hater,” thinking it was just another embarrassment-to-society version of Twilight. Sorry ladies.

Not long after, my roommate had convinced me to watch the first one with him, and considering he’s a semi-pro MMA fighter, I thought, “How girly could it be?”

To this day I am not sure if there is any amount of money or deed sufficient enough to repay him for gracing me with the magnificence and grandeur that is The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay Part 1. I fell head-over-heels in love.

Not only with The Hunger Games, but have you SEEN Jennifer Laurence?!


Ms. Everdeen, if you read this, know that you make me feel funny things and I’d like you to please consider marrying me. It seems like you need a nice Jewish boy in your life.


Over the course of the months following my Hunger Games pilgrimage to the holy land of Penam, I’ve spent restless nights and unproductive days pondering whether I am Team Peeta or Team Gale.

I am proud to announce that after countless Venn diagrams and diligent research, I’ve reached a conclusion:

They are equal.

Through my findings, I have realized that Peeta and Gale both have their admirable attributes and character flaws...

But the real question is: Do they even lift, bro?

Hunger Gains

First off, let’s get something straight. Katniss would:

  • out bench
  • out squat
  • out power clean
  • out deadlift
and run farther than Gale and Peeta combined. No questions asked. So, when you hit the gym, are you a Peeta or are you a Gale?

Pre-Workout Ritual:

  • He definitely sips his coffee while watching Good Morning America, and has a scrumptious egg-white omelet with a tall glass of OJ (he needs his vitamin C).
  • He then waits thirty minutes to digest, shaves his face, looks in the mirror, changes his outfit if he’s feeling bloated, fixes his hair, and away he goes.
  • Not much of a morning person, Gale prefers the 6pm workout—while the gym is busiest.
  • He snacks on some cashews and chicken breast, chugs some preworkout, and heads to the gym.

Workout Attire:

  • He’s for sure rocking a crew neck with gym shorts resting slightly above the knee. Both are from Lululemon.
  • His kicks? Asics, of course.
  • He slips on his workout gloves with the fingers cut out. Now he means business.

hunger peeta


  • He’s much more laid back, wearing sweatpants with a low-cut tank top he found resting on top of his laundry basket, giving it a quick sniff before throwing it on.
  • He’s a basketball shoe type of guy, wearing some beat-up Jordans with the laces tucked in.


  • Practical and always thinking things through, Peeta nonchalantly waltzes over to the elliptical and gives it a go for around seven minutes.
  • He then stretches out whatever muscle group he’s working and gets started.
  •  Warm-up? LOL.

The Lift:

Peeta Make no mistake. Peeta is an animal. The dude weighs like, 160 and those bags of flour he effortlessly tosses around?
He made them his bitch.
  • He’s genetically strong, but is much more concerned with aesthetics.
  • He works two muscle groups per workout, super-setting them between 10-12 reps per set.
  • After a solid 45-minute lift, he crushes a light jog on the treadmill for another 25 minutes before stretching again.
  • Since he’s so selfless, whenever he sees somebody struggling he’s the first one to lend a spot.
  • On his off-days you can find Peeta at Haute Yoga. He’s BFF’s with the instructors, obviously.
  • You can also hear Peeta bitching about how sore he is after every workout.



One word: CrossFit.

  • Walking around with a constant chip on his shoulder, Gale channels his frustrations into his workouts... and kills it.
  • He’s all about that one rep max and cares most about the gainz.
  • Between sets, you can find Gale casually flashing his tricep and lifting up his shirt in the mirror.
  • Cardio? Not about that life.
  • Stubborn and strong-willed, Gale doesn’t need a spot from anybody. He rather hurt himself than look like a pansy.
  • On his off days you’ll find him slamming some brews and watching the game.
  • Don’t let his antics and attitude fool you. When he gets home, he digs through his underwear drawer to gaze into a picture he’s had of Katniss for five years.

Post-Workout Meal:

Peeta He bakes. Enough said.
  • Freshly sautéed Alaskan salmon in coconut oil, resting over a bed of organic baby spinach, chard, and kale. Dressing? Yea, right.
  • After annihilating a protein shake, Gale tries to keep Paleo as much as possible, heating up a big ass sweet potato with a heaping helping of steak, medium rare, with two strips of bacon.
Hunger Gains Post Workout Meal

The Gains

  • Peeta’s progression is exponential throughout the first three movies.
  • His passion, resourcefulness and determination to save Katniss no matter the sacrifice, make him the type of gym rat that continues to reach his physical and mental gains.
  • Regularly varying his workouts, Peeta’s focus is consistency, consistency, consistency.
  • Gale is a badass, hands down.
  • With the level of confidence that comes with being really, really, ridiculously good looking (yes, I just made a Zoolander reference in a Hunger Games piece), he has a work ethic unrivaled to other gym-goers.
  • He often sets unobtainable goals and gets frustrated with himself when he doesn’t reach them, but will always continue to progress. [/caption] No matter which side you’re on, volunteering as tribute gives you a reason to take off your shirt on national television...

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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