5 Whys To Put Pull Ups at Your Program's Heart

by Allen Gil December 12, 2014

5 Whys To Put Pull Ups at Your Program's Heart

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Is there anything more impressive than a strong back?

Take a look at some of the most impressive athletes and body builders in the world.

• Most of them have large, powerful lats that they could use to fly off the side of a building with.

But, nowadays, your back has become something that is easily forgotten about. With everyone opting to work their chest and biceps to death, most are neglecting to ever do anything on their back.

Which is absurd, because half the world if looking at you from behind, right?

If you make one change from reading this article though, I would suggest you...

Start Doing Pull Ups.

• Forget your bench press.

• Forget your single arm rows.

• And, respectfully, return your weights back to the rack.

Instead, go and find yourself a bar. Hold onto it, and pull yourself off the ground.

And, here’s why:

#1: You’ll Get A Lot Stronger

At the heart of all your ‘big lifts’ is your back.

From keeping your spine tight in your deadlifts, supporting the bar through your squats and working as a solid platform to push from in your Bench Press.

The stronger you can make your back, the stronger you will get on all of these lifts.

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#2: You’ll Look Better

Nobody finds the ‘rounded shoulder, arms out wide’ look attractive. And, that’s why you never see it on the stage at competitions.

Get your back wider, thicker and stronger and your whole posture will improve.

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#3: You’ll Never Get Bored

Just like push ups, there are a ton of different variations you can do to get a real workout, each and every time you go to the gym.

You may never do the same workout twice!

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#4: You’ll Get More Muscular Mass

Looking to add some serious muscle?

Your lats make up a huge portion of your back, and the bigger you can make them, the more mass and weight you can put on.

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#5: You’ll Feel Like A Badass

Because, who doesn’t feel better with a strong ass back?

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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