7 Major Turn-Offs for Women

by Allen Gil December 13, 2014

7 Major Turn-Offs for Women

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Alright fellas, here it is, 7 things you should definitely avoid doing if you want to up your chances in the relationship department. Or even just getting to third base for that matter.

1. Poor Grooming Habits

Here is where we have an unfortunate double-standard of expectations.

Somehow men have been given the impression that women prefer a sweaty, straight from the gym type of guy....all masculine, dirty and earthy.

Um, I’m sorry: “earthy” is stinky.

• The appeal of a sweaty athlete may bode well for magazines, it is not what we want wrapped around our freshly laundered and spritzed with the scent of candy shirt that we wore especially for you.

• Just as dirty fingernails, dirty hair and underarms that don’t smell like baby powder is a turn off on a woman, the ladies would appreciate a little care and consideration in the hygiene department too. Roni 7 grooming

2. Being Ignored

I listed this secondly although it is probably the number 1 turn-off.

Most women will judge how important they are by how much attention is given when they are expressing their opinions or concerns.

Women will also take special note of how much attention is given at the beginning of a relationship as compared to the attention given as the relationship progresses.

roni 7 ignored

3. Not Being a Gentleman

Yes, I know that we live in a society that has embraced feminism and there are women that rant and rave about being treated differently.

Well, I’m here to tell you the truth!


Yes, hate mail, expected.

I don’t care that your ex-girlfriend told you that opening the car door was unnecessary, giggle giggle.

• Open that damn car door or she will surly spit in your Sunday football bowl of popcorn.

• And furthermore, grabbing a woman’s elbow in order to get her attention is a BIG NO NO and I cannot stress that more.

For the love of God fellas, keep your hands to yourself.

major dexter

4. Chauvinism

If you think it’s cute to call a woman (and she is not your significant other, your sister or a REALLY good gal pal)

• “darling”

• “sweetie”

• “honey”

• “missy”

• or “babe”

then you my friend are a douchebag.

These are belittling titles and frankly we don’t like them.

And please don’t belittle a woman’s effort to perform what you believe to be a male task. Many women do “male” jobs and do them quite well.

Don’t show how backwoods white trash you are by saying something stupid.

roni 7 chauvenist

5. Expecting the Woman to Take Care of the Kids

Granted that most women want kids and would be great mothers, don’t for a second assume that.

There are many women who have goal and dreams and motherhood is not one of them. If you naturally assume that she is ready to devote her life to child rearing then you are not only a chauvinist as stated above but you are also in for a big disappointment and a lonely night.

Furthermore, there are many women who have kids of their own but in general don’t like kids. Just because she has her own doesn’t mean she wants to babysit yours and anyone else’s.

roni 7 kids

6. The Big Shot

Women are appalled by men who talk about themselves constantly.

• If she has to compete with you for attention then she will likely not stick around for dessert.

• Not like I have to say this but I will: women want to be the center of your universe...

You didn’t know that?

Oh my well didn’t you just learn something profound.

Believe it or not, women are not turned on by how your shirt looks like it was painted on you or that you name drop every celebrity that you happen to be in the same room with at one time in your life.

roni 7 drake

7. Being a Rubbernecker

Men who look at women in front of the woman that they are with should just go ahead and shoot themselves.

Sorry if that sounds extreme, but it’s true.

• Women prefer a man that is respectful enough to pretend that he did not notice.

• Even if she notices and says something, you my friend are being tested...

• Steer clear and say, “Sorry, I didn’t notice.”

She will be watching you and when she sees a beautiful woman you better believe her peripheral vision is targeted right on YOU!

roni 7 rubbernecker With all this being said, I hope that I did not offend but rather helped you understand the female psyche. If I offended some feminists by saying that we appreciated being treated differently, then you, miss thang, can open my car door...

I don’t discriminate.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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