5 Reasons Your 30 Day Fitness Challenge SUCKS

by Allen Gil December 14, 2014

5 Reasons Your 30 Day Fitness Challenge SUCKS

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Not only does your 30 day fitness challenge suck but it’s terrible for your body.

We have all seen them.

Instagram and Pinterest are covered with posts challenging the world to follow along with some lame program that may or may not kill you in a month.

While the pretty graphics might dazzle you into thinking it would be a good idea to do 10,000 push-ups over the next 4 weeks, let me share with you why it would be a better idea to gargle with anti-freeze.

On the outside these whimsical workouts seem benign enough, but buried deep down in the depths of truth hides the following 5 reasons NOT to partake in one of these crazy plans:

1. You Deserve Customization

If you found it on the internet, sitting there waiting for you, it probably isn’t customized to your personal needs.

Even the best workout plan in the world ends up being the “wrong thing” when it is applied to the wrong person. The workout itself is neither good nor bad, it is who and how it is applied that proves its value.

No more cookie-cutter workouts!

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2. You Deserve Moderation/Diversification

Most of these challenges focus on one exercise (30 day squat challenge, 30 day push-up challenge, etc).

Too much of any one good thing ends up making it into a bad thing. Squat are great for your legs.

74 billion squats over the next 30 days...yeah, not so much.

Moderation kids, that’s the key to most of life’s successes.

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3. Overuse Equals Injury

You know how proud you are about making it through all 30 days of that jumping jack challenge?

No, you can’t even remember your own name right now because you destroyed your damn ankles jumping around like a jackass.


Let me say this again and a little more slowly this time: Too much is too much.

You want to do jumping jacks? Awesome! Knock yourself out! Just don’t overdo it and cause more problems than positive results.

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4. More For More’s Sake Sucks

Excess for the sake of excess.

Yes we live in the USA, a country that LOVES excess (80 inch TVs, 300oz Slurpee’s and have you seen Kim Kardashians butt?) but just because you can do some obscene number of crunches, doesn’t mean it has any value other than sounding cool in a Facebook post.

Why would you want to do the 30 day challenge that builds you up to being able to rip off 300 lunges all at once?

Yeah, I can’t think of a good reason either.

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5. One More Bad Thing... Okay, Perhaps NOT!

OK, I changed my mind on this last bullet point and I am instead going to say something nice about these challenges.

If this type of thing gets you off the couch, moving around and feeling better about yourself, then you go girl (or boy)!

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I never want to be one to not be supportive of all things fitness, just try not to hurt yourself out there and all should be good.

Now, how does one go about starting up a 30 day bacon challenge??

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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