My Big Fat Vegetarian Wedding

by Allen Gil December 15, 2014

My Big Fat Vegetarian Wedding

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My father is a traditional guy.

While many young couples getting married today make (and finance) their own weddings that reflect their tastes and personalities, my father’s view seemed to be that my wedding was a party for his friends and relatives 

featuring my husband and I as guests of honor.

True story:

At one point he actually made a comment that my dress ought to look suitably elegant as I was the “centerpiece” of the event.

So you can imagine the degree to which he lost his sh!t when I announced our desire for an entirely vegetarian wedding.

Think Fiddler on The Roof when the daughters announce they’re marrying non-Jews or communists.

I tried to offer reassurance that I was going for “normal food,” not tofu and sprouts, but I’m pretty sure it fell on deaf ears.

But being a fundamentally wonderful father and human being, he relented (probably chased by a cocktail or two) when I wrote him a heartfelt letter describing how important it was to me.

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After the wedding was over, he commented that the vegetarian menu might have been the single best decision we made:

• The hotel chef came up with new, custom-made dishes for our event, making the cuisine highly unique and buzz-generating

• It allowed us to incorporate seasonal flavors and vegetables into our autumn wedding

• We loved the juxtaposition of our traditional wedding, held at the Boston Public Library, with a more modern food choice.

With the exception of a few guests who confessed to downing bacon-loaded Big Mac’s prior to our event, most commented that they loved the food and welcomed the deviation from the tired old roasted-chicken-plus-potatoes fare.

veg wedding

It turns out, vegetarian and vegan wedding cuisine is a trend increasingly taking hold in the wedding scene, as young people are increasingly socially conscious and want their weddings to reflect their values.

Vegetarian and vegan caterers can be easily found at the click of a mouse (like this one), but you can also ask traditional caterers and chefs to come up with innovative ideas. After all, they already offer some choices for vegetarian guests.

veg wedding

Here are a few favorites from our wedding:

• Ratatouille rice and Vermont goat cheese filo purse served with saffron sauce
• Portobello mushroom, smoked mozzarella, grilled eggplant and squash stack
• Pumpkin and squash ravioli served with red pepper sauce
• Tomato Carpaccio

veg wedding

Have you? Could you? And for an event like your wedding??? Tweet at me and comment below. I'm curious!

Bon Appetit! 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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