6 Reasons Why Chocolate Milk Is The Real Deal

by Allen Gil December 16, 2014

6 Reasons Why Chocolate Milk Is The Real Deal

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Is chocolate milk your go-to-drink after a hard-core workout?

To get the maximum results from your training, be sure to have a fortified post-workout drink and/or meal.

When you have completed your workout, your body is most receptive to using amino acids to repair the muscle tissue, and using carbs to restore muscle glycogen.

That being said, one of the best post-workout options is chocolate milk!

You can prepare your chocolate milk with 1%, 2% or skim (0%) milk.

If you were to compare chocolate milk to plain milk, water or most sports drinks, it actually contains double the carb content, which is ideal for tired muscles. It also has a high water content, so it helps replace fluids lost from sweating, and eliminates the fear of dehydration.

So why does chocolate milk top the list when it comes to fueling yourself after a hard workout?

1. Protein Content

• Every cup of chocolate milk contains between 8-11 grams of protein.

Ideally you want to consume between 15-25 grams, so be sure to double up your chocolate milk servings. So try to drink 500-750ml after each workout.

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2. Quickens Recovery

• There was a study shown that when taken immediately after exercise, milk-based proteins promote greater muscle protein syntheses versus soy products.

3. Casein Protein Rules!

• Cow’s milk contains about 80% casein protein content and 20% whey protein content.

This is ideal because the whey protein is fast acting, which allows the amines acids to get right into the muscle tissue, while the casein is digested slower, and provides a steady stream of aminos over a longer period of time.

The best of both worlds.

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4. Excellent Carbohydrate Content

• The carb content will depend greatly on the chocolate syrup that you use. Most brands have 20 to 25 grams of carbs per serving.

If you choose Hershey's 2% chocolate milk, it actually has 31 grams.

5. The Sugar Speeds Up Your Recovery

• The sugar will cause a spunk in insulin levels, which will drive your glucose molecules into the muscle tissue and replenish the energy and get you ready for your next workout.

If you didn't get this insulin spike, it would be a slower recovery.

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6. Great for Endurance Athletes

• The carbs in chocolate milk are most useful to a cyclist swimmer or long distance runner.

These sports require high endurance levels and constant, sustained movements.

If you don't replenish your muscles right away post-workout, it can not only hurt your next session, but prolong your recovery.

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I am not suggesting replacing your protein shakes after a kick ass workout, but rather than drinking water after exercise, which only replaces sweat lost, chocolate milk can provide carbohydrate replenishment to your muscles, and will allow the aminos to start repairing your tired muscles!

I think it taste pretty damn good too!!!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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