3 Restaurant Hacks Jeopardizing Your Waistline

by Allen Gil December 16, 2014

3 Restaurant Hacks Jeopardizing Your Waistline

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When first starting out on a fitness journey, or even if you’re an experienced gym junkie, eating out at a restaurant can sometimes be stressful more than it is enjoyable.

• Ok, this time I won’t order the fried pickles...

• Oh, I’ll order a salad, that’s healthy. *LOADS ON RANCH, EATS EVERY CROUTON*

• Maybe if I order broccoli on the side, it will cancel out the double cheeseburger and fries...

We’ve all had those thoughts when on a journey to weight loss. Unfortunately, it goes deeper than just ordering a salad.

Restaurants actually have their own hacks on making things taste good... but are not necessarily good FOR you.

Here are a few things to consider next time dining out is going down.

1. Bread Basket Fillers: AVOID THE BREAD.

It can sometimes be so difficult when your server comes out with a piping hot basket of fresh bread.

However, bread, especially the garlic buttery rolls that many restaurants serve are just an unnecessary way of filling you up before the meal.

You end up eating 300+ calories of nothingness which gets tacked on to the calories you will already be consuming when your meal comes out.

Do yourself a favor and pass on this one.

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2. ALWAYS Ask For Dressing On The Side. ALWAYS.

Yeah, it’s tempting to order that Cobb salad doused in creamy ranch but avoid at all costs.

Restaurants will typically use twice or even three times the amount of dressing that a serving size calls for.

Especially if you’re a lover of the creamy dressings, order it on the side and you can control the amount of empty calories you add to your meal.

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3. GRILLED Doesn’t = Healthy/STEAMED Doesn't = Butter-Less.

Of course, a piece of grilled chicken is better than a piece of fried chicken but at that point, if you’re already making the sacrifice of opting for a more healthful option, ask for it sans butter and oil.

Yep, your grilled chicken is grilled in grease 98% of the time, folks.

It’s usually never a big deal to ask for this minor change in the dish you order.

Same goes for veggies on the side.

Ask for them to be plain and steamed!

Ordering the "side of steamed broccoli" many times means "side of steamed broccoli then tossed in butter". But if you need some more flavor, ask for some olive oil or balsamic vinegar on the side to dress things up a bit.

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So next time you decide to go out to eat, keep these things in mind. Making any single one of these changes is a great start, especially if you’re a foodie, like me.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself how badly you want to see changes in your body. If you want it badly enough, skipping the fried ravioli just one night won’t even phase you. 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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