5 Best Karaoke Bars I SWEAR I’ve Never Been To

by Allen Gil December 16, 2014

5 Best Karaoke Bars I SWEAR I’ve Never Been To

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It's that time of year. Company holiday parties, friends getting together, a drink or nine, and the next thing you know...

You're at a karaoke bar belting "Sweet Caroline".

Listen. Really. It's okay. It happens.

I’m 39 years old. I get it.

I’ve... seen things... I’ve seen grown men cry.

I’ve... done things... some of which I’m not proud of.

I’ve... heard things... beyond the coyote howling at the full moon.

Yes, friends, I’ve seen, done, and heard things that frankly no man should be burdened by.

Where, you ask, was I able to do all three at the exact same time?

Karaoke, amigos, karaoke, that’s where.

Let’s get to it, then, shall we?

The 5 Best Karaoke Bars in the World, all of which I will deny every having been in:

5. Karaoke Duet 53 (900 8th Avenue, New York)

I might or might not have stood on a bar with a certain actress from a certain Broadway musical about paying the “RENT” here back in 2002.

It meant nothing to me, really. She probably thinks of me daily, my melodic harmonies...

This little hole in the wall joint is THE PLACE where established, credentialed Broadway stars may or may not come by after a show just to sing something other than “Oklahoma!” I remember the onion rings...

4. Mary’s Crisis (59 Grove Street, New York)

No need to leave Manhattan... it’s still show-tunes-central! Speaking of show tunes...

Leads from up and down Broadway can rub your shoulders as your rub elbows in this intimate (see: “small”) joint... yet WOW do the acoustics put your shower to shame. Get there early as the place gets crazy packed (and the clipboard to sing long) but you’ll not regret the shlep. I might remember a certain Japanese singer swooning the crowd with “Bonzai” one particular night... errr... morning.

3. Cat’s Meow (701 Bourbon Street, New Orleans)

Located in the heart of the French Quarter, this place is absolutely insane come Spring Break.

Year-round you can find tourists from all over the world here, ready to belt out their best “Sweet Caroline” and “We Didn’t Start the Fire”.

The drinks are ridiculously strong and the tunes are sometimes suspect... but this place brings the blues like few places does... and even few that will actually allow you to hold the mic!

2. Do Re Mi Music Studio (Eagan, Minnesota)

Perhaps you’re pub crawling across the country and get stuck in the land of ten thousand lakes...

Perhaps you want a space just for your friends, for your lovah, for your small party, something where the cat calls will be few(er)...

Don’t you worry!

This hole-in-the-wall is world-famous for their small rooms and HUGE selection of Korean music!

1. Grand Hyatt Hotel (Yongsan-gu, South Korea)

Think you’re B.T.K.?

(Big-Time Karaoke, not the Bind Torture and Kill guy.)

This place is the Mecca of Karaoke. Please, please don’t come here unless you’re absolutely spot-on with your 80’s Madonna, your 90’s N’Sync, your 00’s Bieber... plus your latest K-Pop.

In closing, there’s lots of hard working fun to be had with covering others’ tunes with a screen in front of you highlighting ever so intentionally the words, ahem lyrics, and musical interludes.

If you have what it takes, have a blast, and GET HAPPY!

Otherwise get that Cher wannabe a nice drink.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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