Exo Protein Bars (They’re Made of WHAT?!?)

by Allen Gil December 17, 2014

Exo Protein Bars (They’re Made of WHAT?!?)

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EXO protein bars are made with cricket flour – the protein of the future.

I tried them out, and then I tried them on my friends!

  • You can order a case of Exo protein bars (12 for $36 with free shipping) online
  • They offer 4 flavors or you can get a Variety Box with 3 of each flavor, which is a great way to try them all.

First impressions:

Their pitch is fairly compelling, and the product shipped quickly. The bars are a little on the high side if you are watching calories (about 300 calories each), so I cut my first one (Peanut Butter & Jelly flavor) in half and gave the other half to my husband.

His take: “That’s a damned good protein bar!”

  • The taste was good and a half-bar was filling enough to power me through a 3-mile run without bonking.

Then I took the rest of the case over to a gathering of friends and asked them if they’d be willing to try out a new product without knowing too much about it.

They all agreed.

It’s amazing I still have any friends.

I chopped up one of each flavor and passed them around.


  • Katherine: “Hmm. Smells just like PB&J.”
  • Jen: “It’s got a smoky after-taste, a roasted peanut flavor.”

  Everybody thought it was pretty good and was happy to try the next one…

exo pbjpbandjallday.com

Blueberry Vanilla

  • Katherine: “I appreciate that it’s not dry, it’s moist and tasty.”
  • Karen: “It’s good, not too sweet, although there doesn’t seem to be a distinctive flavor to this one.”
  • Dave: “I’m not getting the blueberry.”
  • Katherine: “At least it doesn’t taste artificial.”

Nobody was turned off, so we went to the next one…

exo blueberryfoodandwine.com

Apple Cinnamon

  • Katherine: “This is GREAT! This is the best one yet!”
  • Jen: “It’s good and soft, very nice.”
  • Karen: “I like this one the best! It definitely tastes of apple and cinnamon!”

This one got big thumbs up from everyone, and also everyone agreed that they were very filling, as they were starting to feel full after just a few bites. On to the last one…

exo applesurvivalpunk.com

Cacao Nut

  • Jen: “Definitely drier than the others.”
  • Karen: “Not as good as the other ones.”
  • Katherine: “I would totally eat this for protein. I don’t get enough protein in my diet and I really like these.”
exo cacao

And then I told them that these were all made of cricket flour AND...

They all laughed!


They were all enthusiastic about the product!

eco cricketpixel.nymag.com

Some of the comments were:

  • “LOVE THEM! A++ would definitely eat those!”
  • “I’m so happy it’s not soy!!” (we had a soy hater in our midst!)
  • “I’m delighted, actually. I would eat those in preference to any other bar now that I know they’re cricket flour!”
  • “Where can I get some?”

  I’m not sure I’d recommend experimenting on your friends unless they are very adventurous, but this taste test produced a unanimous thumbs up!

Get you some Exo bars!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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