Earn Instant Alpha Male Status with Your Shirt

by Allen Gil December 18, 2014

Earn Instant Alpha Male Status with Your Shirt

Photo Credit: news.teddystratford.com

Pop Quiz: When a cop pulls you over for speeding, what’s the best way to respond to avoid a ticket, assuming you’re a dude?

How about by complimenting the fit of his uniform? 

Thus the genesis of Bryan Davis’ vision for designing:

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“The Best Fitted Men’s Shirt on the Planet.”

When he was pulled over for speeding in Bangkok, he noticed that the police officer’s shirt fit him exceptionally well.  After slipping the officer some cash for the location of the Royal Thai Police’s tailor, Bryan set off to have a uniform made.  At the tailor he discovered the secret to the shirt’s fit: it zipped instead of buttoning, solving a common fit challenge with men’s button-down shirts:
  • Looser-fitting shirts can create the appearance of being overweight, even for men in good shape, while
  • Snug-fitting shirts tend to fit correctly in some areas of the chest and torso while being too tight in others, creating gaps between the buttons.

Bryan took the shirt back to NYC where he partnered with master shirt maker Carl Goldberg of CEGO Custom Shirts and founded the Teddy Stratford brand to develop the Zip Fit shirt.

Aside from the zipper placed under the buttons to provide a closer, more tailored fit, the shirt features broader shoulders and a narrower waist to create the look we classically associate with chiseled superheroes and athletes, helping wearers to project an image of strength, masculinity, and credibility from the board room to the bedroom.

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The shirt features:

  • A zipper under the buttons to ensure ideal fit with no gaps or bagginess
  • A V-shape narrowing at the waist based on the ideal ratio between a guy’s shoulders, chest, waist and hips that looks like it was custom made for athletic guys but also lends that shape to slimmer guys and guys who could stand to lose a few pounds
  • Superior quality fabric and tailoring, handmade in NYC’s Garment District, with meticulous attention to quality standards
So guys, if you’re looking for that edge that will help you ace your big interview or sales pitch or upcoming date, check it out here!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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