Why The Deadlift Isn’t That Important After All

by Allen Gil December 18, 2014

Why The Deadlift Isn’t That Important After All

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Dead lifts are one of those exercises you feel you have to do.

They’re part of the foundation of most lower-body (or back) sessions, and they’ve been around as long as the barbell.

And, there are a lot of great benefits to doing the deadlift...

• Increased strength
• Testosterone production
• Mass gains
• Grunting loudly and getting away with it

Amongst just a few of the hundreds of benefits this raw exercise gives you.

But, I’m not here in defense of the dead lift today. I’m fighting against it. Because, it’s just not that important to you, regardless of what you’re trying to achieve.

Unless, well, that’s a huge 1-rep max dead lift. Then the dead lift would be a pretty crucial to that.

So, why is the dead lift nowhere near as important as you think it is?

Reason #1: Your Technique Probably Isn’t Right

Okay, so hopefully yours isn’t quite as bad as that. But it’s still a hard technique to get right.

And, you’re probably not flexible enough to dead lift anywhere near close how you’re supposed to do it.

If you can’t at least touch your toes, this exercise is a no-go.

deadlift franco

Reason #2: It’s Heavy On The Nervous System

Believe it or not, overtraining definitely is a thing for some people.

And, constant heavy deadlifts if the most direct highway to finding yourself sitting in bed sick or hurt.

• This move requires total body muscle activation, and can have a real draining effect on your central nervous system.
• If you want to be able to train for longer, without having to take a week off, it’s probably best if you’re not pounding your body with heavy triples or singles each and every week.

Reason #3: It’s Just a Damn Exercise

deadlift woman Get this:

What works for you, probably doesn’t work for the guy next to you. And, the same goes for everyone else around you.

You are your own unique person, with training methods that work solely for you.

There are lots of different variations you can do that give just as much benefit.

Besides, if you can’t do an exercise correctly, it’s not very effective, is it? 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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