FITSPORATION: My 3 Fave Instagram Accounts

by Allen Gil December 19, 2014

FITSPORATION: My 3 Fave Instagram Accounts

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Instagram can be a surprisingly helpful resource for fitness inspiration.

I find myself browsing my Instagram feed when I'm looking for a new/different workout to try or if I'm in need of a healthy recipe to change things up.

I like to think I stacked my list of "people that I follow" with the most motivational and useful accounts that bring more to the table then just pretty faces and fit bodies (but all of the ladies listed below are also beauties as an added bonus!).

1. cams_fitstagram

This little lady (and soon to be mama) continuously posts her workouts which are always realistic time-wise (especially if you're like me and only have an hour or less to spend at the gym) and easy to screenshot on your phone and bring along with you to the gym!

Camille (that's her name, btw) also posts her meals and what's in them so you can gather some food inspo of your own!

She also is a great display of how it's O.K. to eat a donut every once in a while without ruining your progress.


2. haleya_fit_happens

A mother of two and a certified trainer, Haley's fitness account is one you can't NOT follow.

The days leading up to Thanksgiving, she would post daily tips on how to keep your holiday eating under control. Haley also posts her workouts (and many times videos of her performing the exercises) which are always very sweat inducing and high intensity.

She not only just DOES the exercise but always explains WHY you should be doing it. You can also screenshot her workouts as well to try out next time you hit the gym.


3. Jazzythings

This account was one of the first fitness accounts that I followed back when I got back into my Instagram grind.

She became notorious for her protein waffles (I've been wanting a waffle iron since her very first protein waffle post way back when) and other "jazzy sweets" like protein cookies, cakes, and all things delicious.

She also has her own line of e-cookbooks (which contain everything from desserts, entrees, even crockpot recipes) and if you follow her account, you'll see all of the times that she's holding a sale on them.


It is said that if you want to see positive changes in your life, surround yourself with positive people. But in this case you can just follow them. Way easier...

PS: All of the below accounts are females. I have yet to come across a male fitness account with the same level of awesome. 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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