Do You Have Game At The Gym?

by Allen Gil December 22, 2014

Do You Have Game At The Gym?

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If you thought your next workout would be a challenge, try picking a girl up at the gym. 

In comparison, you should

  • take it slow,
  • be very realistic about your final goals,
  • and don't overdo it.
  • So, you ask, how can I get her more interested and focused on me, versus her workout.


    I’m not sure if that’s even possible, but here are a few tips to get her to notice you while training.

    1. Become a Regular

    Do you gym hop?

    How about sticking to one gym, and become a regular.

    Let your face become recognized.

    Once women start to see you have a routine, they will start to have a comfort level that will make it easier for you to approach them.  A daily nod, a smile while you are still working out, just show that you are friendly, and not a creeper.

    Do not stare!


    2. No Comments about Her Body

    Don't compliment her body.

    Try complimenting her outfit or sneakers.

    We are well aware that when we wear tight fitting clothing, your imagination can take a break because you can see all.  But how about noticing if she has on a new pair of sneakers and complimenting her the choice of color.  Maybe she is wearing a race shirt. You can strike up a conversation and ask if she was a participant.

    If something is brought to your attention, besides her body, that’s a good first chat.  "Hey, nice new gear,” or "I'm thinking of buying my sister a fit band for the holidays, do you like yours?"


    3.  Seriously, Don’t Stare

    Okay, well at least TRY not to stare.

    Make eye contact.

    If she smiles or nods, or maybe gives you the approachable look, that’s your green light.

    Staring is creepy, so don't do it!


    4.  Easy on the Compliments

    Compliments are sweet, but don't overdo it!  Keep them non-sexual.

    Yes, we work hard at making our booties firm and round but hearing "hey, you must squat, look at your ass" is really not the compliment we are looking for from a complete stranger.

    Once again, creepy.

    game flex

    5. Just Be Yourself

    Not every girl at the gym wants musclebound guy.

    So try being yourself.

    Leave your ego at the door, and use your personality not your pecs to get her attention.

    The grunting, moaning, and slamming weights are a total turn-off.


    6.  Be the Nice, Helpful Guy

    This is my ultimate favorite!

    Be the nice and helpful guy, not Mr. Know-It-All!

    If we look like we need assistance or our form is off, come help us, but don't be that pushy guy that has no clue, especially if the girl you're trying to pick up is trainer.

    She may know more, and possibly lift more, than you do.

    Most people who go to the gym go often and consistently, so don't rush into anything.  You will probably see your gym crush a few days a week.  This will give you time to smile, nod, and start up a few conversations before you are ready to ask her out on a date. Be sure to listen for the husband-, boyfriend-, or even girlfriend-stop sign.

    Obey the stop sign, and happy hunting. 

    Allen Gil
    Allen Gil


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