3 Healthiest Choices at McDonald's

by Allen Gil December 22, 2014

3 Healthiest Choices at McDonald's

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Some can't get away from the drive-thru...

just... can't...

and for many reasons.

Regardless of reason, here are 3 things you can get away with eating at McDonald's.

1. Get a Grilled Chicken Sandwich

It only racks up ~350 calories -  a lean piece of protein with some veggies (tomato and lettuce).

Ask them to hold the mayo and you can shave a few more calories off (if you really want to go wild, ditch the bun while you’re at it!). Either way, this is a nice, healthy option – pair it with plain old healthy water (from the tap, or you can order a bottle), and some Cuties and you’ve got nothing to feel guilty about!

mcdonalds grilled chicken sandwichupload.wikimedia.org

2. Get a Salad!

Several of them come in under 300 calories... if you choose wisely.

Here’s how to choose wisely:

Avoid anything with the word “crispy” in it.

Those Crispy Chicken bits are the devil! So go for the Premium Bacon Ranch Salad (140 calories!) or the same salad with grilled chicken (230 calories!) Once you’ve got your healthy McDonald’s salad, practice the “dip your fork in dressing before stabbing your forkful of salad” method, to save a lot of dressing calories, and/or stick with oil and vinegar if available (or bring your own).

mcdonalds bacon ranch chicken saladmyrecipecollection.info

3. Just GOT to have a Burger?

Ok, this is doable.

Just be sure to get the regular burger (240 calories), or heck, go crazy and get the cheeseburger – still only 290 calories.

You’ll definitely want to skip the fries, but if you need that crunch order some apple slices instead (15 calories – maybe get two orders!).

mcdonalds cheeseburgerbluestatebbq.files.wordpress.com

Oh, and if you find yourself there at breakfast time, your best bets are the Fruit and Maple Oatmeal (290 calories) or an Egg White Delight McMuffin (250 calories).

mcdonalds egg white delight mcmuffini.huffpost.com

So if McDonald’s is your only option, or a habit you just can’t break, you have some options for watching out for your health (or at least your waistline), at the Drive-Thru! 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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