3 Hidden Lessons from Gym Class

by Allen Gil December 23, 2014

3 Hidden Lessons from Gym Class

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Do you remember gym class in school?

It wasn’t exactly the best part of the week…

Despite being a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor now, there was something about forced exercise that really didn’t sit well with me.

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But, when you look back, there are some really valuable lessons to be learned from it:

  • discipline,
  • commitment,
  • and how to foam roll.

And, there are some important lessons you probably missed that could definitely help you in your gym-going life right now.

Let’s see which of these you remember:

Lesson #1: Always Be Able To Climb

Climbing the rope.

That was your worst nightmare wasn’t it?

I know it was mine.

  • The long climb up…
  • followed by the hand-tearing slide down to the floor.
  • Then the sheer shame of being shown up by the skinny kid…

who seems to just float up.

In here though is a powerful lesson:

The ability to climb – or more importantly, having strong climbing muscles – is great for you.

  • The strong back.
  • The solid biceps.
  • The steady core.

All of those come from being able to climb well. Whether that’s through chin-ups, pull ups or climbing the rope.

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Lesson #2: Sports Is The Easiest Way To Keep Fit

What was your favorite sport to play as a child?

Now, imagine your delight whenever you turned up to Gym Class to find out you were playing that sport for the lesson.

  • You were excited.
  • You smiled.
  • You ran more than you ever normally would.
  • You sweated buckets

And the time flew by.

The same can be said for your adult life.

It’s much easier to go and play a pickup game with your friends than it is to do HIIT sprints on the Treadmill.

The results might not be completely the same, but you’ll enjoy working out a hell of a lot more.

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Lesson #3: Have a Defined Time For Doing Things

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning I would pack my gym bag for the day at school.

No questions asked.

I would get up, fill my bag and leave the house. Then, at 10am I’d start basketball practice.

There was no element of ‘free will’ when it came to it. I just did it.

You probably did the same. You never thought twice about it – you just backed your bags and went.

Take the same approach to your gym life in the present. Set yourself a defined time, day and length of time you’re going to train.

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You’ll form a good gym habit much, much more easily.

Dig in!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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