3 Unexpected Benefits of Getting a Cat

by Allen Gil December 24, 2014

3 Unexpected Benefits of Getting a Cat

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Feeling down in the dumps?

You probably need a cat!

Cats have been hanging with humans for thousands of years, and in all that time cats have domesticated themselves to be mutually beneficial companions to humans.

Why is having a cat so great?

1. Better health!

To start with, there’s a whole host of health benefits to owning a cat (and many of them do not apply to dogs - not that owning a dog isn’t great too!) such as
  • lower risk of cardiovascular disease,
  • improved immune function,
  • reduced blood pressure,
  • reduced stress,
  • and reduced anxiety!

That’s a lot for a 10-pound bundle of fur and purr!

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2. Improved Mental Health!

Petting a cat has a calming effect that can

Studies show that having a cat around can give you something to keep your mind off your troubles and find something to live for.

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3. Better Conversation!

Well, ok, we all know somebody who will drone on and one about their pets BUT – ever been stuck at a family dinner where crazy Uncle Ralph wants to talk about religion or politics (or both!) offending everybody present?

NOBODY is offended when you tell a funny story about the cute/annoying/naughty thing your cat (big or small) did yesterday.

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Owning a cat gives you an endless supply of conversational gambits to derail those bores who can’t take a hint!

You can pick up a cat at any shelter or pound. You won’t regret it.

Check out PetFinder, too, as many shelters list their animals there!

Just remember to keep it indoors-only if at all possible to reduce the chances it will get into trouble outdoors.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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