3 Ways To EASILY Get Your Daily Gallon

by Allen Gil December 25, 2014

3 Ways To EASILY Get Your Daily Gallon

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H2O is one of the MOST important elements of our bodies.

It regulates basically everything that functions in your body… and we should be drinking a lot of it throughout the day.

The average person should actually be consuming between ½ gallon to a full gallon every day!

While it doesn’t seem like a lot… it actually is quite difficult to get in your gallon, especially if you’re not one of those people who are in constant fish mode throughout the day and continuously refill their water bottles.

(I’m jealous of those people.)

There used to be days that would go by where I’d be like “WHAT THE…I only drank one glass of water today?”


So here are my tips to helping you get your water intake in easily and mindlessly.

Trust me, coming from an anti-water drinker, this stuff is GOLD.

1. Buy a LARGE re-usable bottle to bring with you everywhere.

Head over to your local big box retailer and invest in a giant water bottle that you can bring with you when you’re on the go/at work/at the gym… anywhere.

One like this would work best because you know that if you drink just ONE full bottle of this size, you are already over 2 liters in for the day.

For me, if water isn’t conveniently accessible, I’ll forget about drinking it. This solves that issue.

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2. Drink a glass as soon as you wake up and right before you fall asleep.

Doing so will wake up your body in the morning and keep your metabolism cranking throughout the night.

Also, you’ll be getting in a guaranteed 14-16 ounces in without even trying.

I suggest keeping a regular water bottle on your night stand as a reminder and for convenience purposes.

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3. Add fresh fruit/BCAAs/or sip on another H2O based beverage.

Toss in some fresh sliced cucumbers for a nice little spa-worthy kick in your basic water.

Other options to spice things up:

  • orange slices,
  • berries,
  • lemon slices,
  • cucumber slices,
  • mint leaves,
  • or even a spritz of some flavored sparkling water for some bubbles and sweetness.
  • BCAAs are also another great option to add to your water.

BCAAs are amino acids that aid in muscle recovery and repair (a win, win...especially post-workout) and they usually taste AWESOME.

Try BPI’s Best BCAA in passion fruit flavor…YUM. Lastly, if you want to really switch it up, try some hot or iced tea!

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Since it’s water based, it still counts! Just beware of the sugar you add to it!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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