SHOCKER: Cosmetic Surgeries He’s Ok With You Getting

by Allen Gil December 29, 2014

SHOCKER: Cosmetic Surgeries He’s Ok With You Getting

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First let me say a big sarcastic  “thank you very much”  to the fashion magazines, music and TV producers and main-stream media for making me feel like I have to write this.

You have to agree that it’s getting a little ridiculous that every day, shoved in our face is the image of the "perfect woman". This idealized woman that has been manufactured with the latest and greatest editing tools in addition to our wonderful cosmetic surgery industry pumping out so many Barbie’s with the perfect features, measurements, and attributes that it is almost impossible to feel adequate as a women in today’s society.

Now you might be thinking “Umm Roni, you might be calling the kettle black here.”

I know what I’ve done to improve myself through cosmetic surgery and I have never hidden that fact.

There are certain attributes that I cannot get with exercise and having been the president of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee for 30 years was getting old.

So yes, I went under the knife and did something for ME.

I felt inadequate as a woman with my breast size so I did something about it. Yet even with that “fixed”, there is still a deep feeling of dread inside of me making me think “is it enough?” Has this overwhelming acceptance of the unreal women made me think that I need more surgery to “compete”? Possibly... but that’s not the real problem.

The real problem is that we have stopped asking or even considering what our partner actually wants and finds attractive.

We have taken the media’s opinion and replaced it with the opinion (besides our own of course) that really matters… our partner’s.

So I found 10 guys and asked them the same questions about cosmetic surgery.

These men are as diverse as I could possibly manage.

Ranging in age from 23 to 60, single, married, divorced, kids, no kids, health conscience and regular folk. I wanted to see if beyond the obvious entertainment value of seeing a giant rear end or a woman that has such extreme and unreal curves that a Greek goddess would kill her just because, that these fun and fantastical features are actually what a real guy wants in a woman.

So here we go:

1. Botox: If she wants it should she get it?

cosmetic botox 9 out of 10 said "Yes, within reason of course."
One guy said “definitely within reason, I wouldn't want to be with someone who looks like a cat!!”

2. Lip injections: Absolutely not? A little for fullness, or Angelina the sh!t out of those puckers:

cosmetic lips Overwhelmingly "NO" from the guys!

However one said yes, but he said it was his wife and she did not overdo it.  

3. Face lift/eye lift/chin lift: If it makes her feel good about herself, go ahead...or age gracefully and accept it?

cosmetic bogus This one was split right down the middle.

And the caveat to all of those who said yes was, “if done in moderation”.

One guy said “Not a fan!! My sister had it done and it changed her natural appearance. It wasn't what she expected so she wished she didn't have it done. And it was very expensive!”
Another said, “Pull your skin tight with your hands and tell me you think you actually look good.”
That comment has to be my favorite!  

4. Breast augmentation: Two thumbs up and bigger the better, or if God wanted you to have giant chest balloons he would have blessed you there?

cosmetic breast Believe it or not, and big ol "HELL YEAH!" on that one from all of the guys.
This comment was my favorite: “I'm a natural guy in that regard. Not to say I don't appreciate the amazing work out there... sorry, what was I sayin??? Oh... but yeah if she's good with them I'm good with them.”  

5. Lipo: Sure I don't see an issue with it or as long as you don't tell me and show me the scars we'll pretend you have always have those curves… Or hell no, go to the gym and stop cramming chips into your face?

cosmetic lipo So this was also a split but most of the guys said that they completely understand a woman doing this who had a lot of weight to lose and needed a self-esteem boost.
One guy put it very nicely “if I don't care that you shape yourself working out, why would I care if you have lipo to do it? But you're paying for it!” Well said, sir!  

6. Butt implants/injections/lifts: I like it when you knock my phone off the counter…but you maybe need a backing up beeping device installed too. I’m not opposed as long as you don’t look ridiculous. Girl, if you want it, go do some squats and knock it off?

cosmetic butt A split again on this one. Honestly I would have thought we’d have more of overwhelming yes like the breast augmentation here, but it appears as if we don’t.
One guy said “I have not seen one that didn't look fake, out of proportion and the high risks that go along with that procedure. I would DEFINITELY vote against it!!!”
  And a few notes that guys left for me were quite telling too:
“I personally love a woman who takes pride in her appearance whether it's cosmetic or by hard work taking the pride is really what matters.”
“Your age and body appearance is important. If you are more of a fit person just wanting a touch up to improve your overall appearance yes but if you get one and the skin is sagging and you don’t exercise to keep it up then no, don’t do it.”
“When is enough... enough? You have ladies getting so much plastic surgery done that they're pulling the skin back so tight that they can barely talk and look like Siamese Cats!”
I believe one gentleman summed it up quite perfectly:
"Cosmetic surgery overall in my opinion is great when done appropriately and within reason. Too many women go overboard, do too much and ruin their looks. Most women have self-esteem issues and they think the surgery will fix that, but the self-esteem isn't because of her appearance, it is actually her lack of self-love. There are plenty of naturally beautiful women with poor self-esteem and they don't need plastic surgery, they need heart surgery. Loving yourself just how you are would do more for a woman than a surgeon would."

I suppose that we ladies need to take a step back and stop comparing ourselves to those we see on TV or in magazines.

The truth is that the men in our life don’t want ridiculous asses and lips that could suck the chrome off of a tail pipe… they want us and for us to be happy.

So if you feel that you need a little tuck here and a little plump there, they don’t really mind…just keep it to a minimum… and oh yeah, you’re paying for it! 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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