5 Gym Dudes You Always See

by Allen Gil December 29, 2014

5 Gym Dudes You Always See

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If you’ve been going to the gym for a while, you’ve probably seen some sights:

Guys dropping dumbbells on themselves.

Guys trying to get dates from girls on Treadmills.

Guys so big, you wonder how if it’s possible for them to wipe, after using the bathroom.

Because the gym is, at often times, like a Safari. It’s a bunch of wild animals running loose in a confined space.

Whist you’re on your gym Safari, you might have spotted a couple of these guys along the way, too:

#1: The Skinny Abs In The Mirror Guy

About 95 pounds soaking wet. Comes to the gym every other Thursday with his buddies. Might have done a Squat in Gym Class once.

And between every set he feels the need to go and check his Abs in the mirror. Presumably to make sure he hasn’t wasted away.

gym guy mirrori.huffpost.com

#2: The All Body, No Legs Guy

When you see a dude built like this, you instantly know two things:

Steroids: Because no natural guy ever got that jacked without going near a Squat Rack. He Has Bad Friends: Someone, somewhere told him that it looked good.  

You can normally find this ‘bro’ with headphones, grunting, somewhere between the Pec-Fly and the mirror.

gym guy legs4.bp.blogspot.com

#3: The All The Gear, No Idea Guy


Over ear headphones?

Skin-tight Under Armour (with no shirt)?

Gym Gloves?

$300 Running Shoes?

Any ideas how to actually work that Shoulder Press Machine?


Yeah, that dude.

gym guy geartrbimg.com

#4: The Avid CrossFit (Who Can’t Afford A Membership) Guy

Usually found doing

kipping pull ups,

followed by Kettlebell Swings

and constant gasps for air.

Or, doing whatever this guy is doing:

Because. You know. Constantly Varied and all that.

#5: The Gym Rat Guy

Last – but not least – the beloved Gym Rat.

Walks tall.

Acts Strong.

Trains Hard.

And, everyone hates him.

Somewhere between the loud grunting, never clearing the Leg Press and the tight-white t-shirt he wears after the gym people just have a solid disdain for him.

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And now you know!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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