4 Mistakes a Good Trainer Will Correct

by Allen Gil December 30, 2014

4 Mistakes a Good Trainer Will Correct

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As a personal trainer, I watch people work out all day.

I also watch the same mistakes being made over and over again. 

These mistakes are not intentional, but because someone is possibly new to working out, or was shown improperly at one time, or just because people that are not educated in the fitness field, they do not know any better.

Here are 4 common workout mistakes and how to fix them to prevent injury and build lean muscles.

  1. Things Getting Stale: A Great Trainer Changes It Up

Do you keep doing the same routine all the time?

Don't just go to the gym on autopilot.

A good trainer will dedicate different days to focus on different aspects of your fitness routine.

They will introduce new exercises; which ail help rest overused muscles.

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  1. Bad Form: A Great Trainer Corrects Lunge/Squat Form

My #1 correction with form is when a client is doing a lunge or squat. 

They are constantly putting weight in their toes and their heels coming up off the ground... this is terrible for your knees. 

Correctly doing squats and lunges will not only help prevent injuries, it will also engage your glutes.

Correct form is the way to a tighter and firmer booty!!!

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  1. Hurrying Up: A Great Trainer Doesn't Rush You

Flying through exercises quickly doesn't work and isn't safe. Take your time... you've already committed to going to the gym! 

Don't rush through an exercise. Make sure you are getting full range of motion each rep. 

You don't always have to do 3-4 sets, but definitely take the time to fatigue your muscles. Don't just use momentum.

Remember, it is important to do at least two to four sets of each exercise to fatigue the muscles to get better overall results.

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  1. Same Equipment, All the Time: A Great Trainer Challenges You With Different Equipment

Gyms are filled with rows of machines. People assume they should ONLY use the set machine for specific body parts.

Your body is a machine! Try doing strengthening exercises that use your own body weight.

For example: push-ups, lunges and squats, or maybe even venture into the free weights area (don't be shy!).

I've also noticed a few gyms that have the strength training suspension straps such as TRX or SBT.  Straps are so much fun, and use your own bodyweight for resistance.

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These corrections do not replace hiring a personal trainer. They will help you prevent injury, will maximize your gym time, and will hopefully pay it forward to the person that is watching you train at the gym...

Yes, we all people-watch and borrow training techniques!

Let’s just pass it on the proper way.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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