4 Annoying Topics to STFU About in 2015

by Allen Gil December 30, 2014

4 Annoying Topics to STFU About in 2015

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The New Year for many means a NEW START. A NEW YOU. A NEW SET OF GOALS. Which is a wonderful thing, in my opinion! So let’s stop making things so negative, shall we? Here are THE top most annoying topics people need to SHUT UP about for the New Year!  

  1. BEWARE of the Gym After the New Year!

This one really puts me in a fiery rage. As a gym regular myself and a personal trainer, I mean, yeah, it sucks having to dodge people in a crowded gym and/or wait for equipment to be freed up…but shouldn’t we be in support of people trying to better themselves? America doesn’t have ENOUGH people hitting the gym which is why we are considered to be one of the fattest countries. So – let’s drop the negative comments about a full gym. How about you don’t go at 5:30pm (aka PRIME GYM TIME) for a little while until the calm after the storm and in the meantime, let’s support our fellow gym members who are trying to make a change for the better in their lifestyles.

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  1. “Tips to Help Your Gym Etiquette for Workout Newbies”

Lately I’ve been seeing these articles EVERYWHERE. Heck, I think I may have even written one back in the day. They mean well…yet, that doesn’t make it right. While yeah there are some common protocols that EVERY gym go-er should follow such as wiping off equipment after you use it and re-racking your weights…doesn’t it really end there? After that, we are just nitpicking. How about you make your resolution to HELP a gym newbie figure out how to use a machine that they look like they are struggling with? Or how about you leave the gym newbie alone and let them learn on their own…like you probably did. The longer they go to the gym for, the more accustomed they will get to simple common courtesies.

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  1. “Ways to Eat Healthy Over the Holidays”

These articles though. I mean yeah some solid recipes for making a dish “lighter” is always useful – but let’s face it – holidays are for enjoying yourself with friends and family and indulging a little. I despise blog posts or articles that state to only eat this or that, to skip the side dishes, only eat a bite of dessert. NO. Eat what you want FOR THE DAY, get on track the next day. Not saying you should gorge yourself with chocolate mousse, cheesecake, green bean casserole, and fried chicken…but just think MODERATION.

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  1. “A New Year’s Resolution Needs to be a Long-Term Goal”

Um….SAYS WHO? If I want my resolution to be that I’m going to run a 5K by February, then so be it. That’s not a long term goal, per say, it’s just A GOAL. In fact, mapping out a long-term goal can actually give you anxiety. The thought of having to achieve something in an extended time frame will just let it linger in your head. Making multiple short term goals is my own personal key to success.

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Try it!

Let’s go into 2015 with a little less negativity and a lot more peace, love, and understanding (in the words of Elvis Costello). Be happy you have another year of health and stop focusing on the stupid little things. Just... be present.

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