Snacksporation: 3 Snacks to Beat Off Cravings

by Allen Gil December 31, 2014

Snacksporation: 3 Snacks to Beat Off Cravings

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It’s 8pm, you’re about to throw on Netflix… when all of a sudden,


You’re watching your weight and carbohydrate consumption, so WHAT DO YOU DO?

Don’t reach for the potato chips or ice cream.

Instead, curb your cravings for late night movie snacks with these 3 little handheld munchies that will delight your taste buds but, most importantly, your waistline.

Best part of all:

NO COOKINGother than microwaving, REQUIRED!

1. Sweet PB Popcorn

What you need:

¼ cup Plain Popcorn Kernels

2 heaping TBSP Peanut Butter

¼ cup plain unsalted almonds Microwave safe glass bowl + plate to place on top of bowl

What to do:

Pop kernels in microwave safe bowl (with plate on top to create steam) for suggested amount of time.

In a small mixing bowl, pour in peanut butter.

Microwave PB until just slightly warm and liquidy.

Drizzle PB over popcorn and toss with almonds.


movie pb popcorn

2. Lil' Protein Plate:

What you need:

1 hardboiled egg

2 slices low sodium turkey

8 almonds

¼ cup grapes

What to do:

It’s more of a “how to arrange” than a “what to do”.

No need to drop serious cash on those little Starbucks protein boxes.

This one’s more protein packed, cheaper, and better for you!

Slice up hardboiled egg, roll up your turkey slices, and arrange almonds and grapes on plate.

You an also go with low-cal crackers, a dollop of peanut butter, and other fruit/veggies if you'd like.

Munch away!

movie protein plate

3. Rice Cake S’mores

What you need:

2 plain, unsalted rice cakes

1 banana, mashed

2 squares of dark chocolate

What to do:

Saved the easiest for last!

Divide the mashed banana into 2 portions.

Spread over top of 2 rice cakes.

Top each with a square of dark chocolate.

Microwave for 10 seconds (you may broil instead, if you feel it necessary) or until chocolate slightly melts.

Nom nom nom. 

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Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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