5 Ways To Kick Start Your 2015 Fitness Plan

by Allen Gil January 01, 2015

5 Ways To Kick Start Your 2015 Fitness Plan

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Well, here we are!  A brand spankin’ new year!  A new shot at resolutions that probably include exercising and eating better.

Go You!

Here’s 5 Focused Ways to Kickstart Your New Year’s Plan:

  • Set Reasonable Goals
  • Say what? 

    I thought New Year’s resolutions were all about setting unrealistic goals and unrealistic expectations, thus setting myself up for guaranteed failure!

    Ummm… Errrr… No.

    This year your goals are going to be realistic, in fact they’re going to be S.M.A.R.T.:

    • Specific – target a specific area for improvement.
    • Measurable – quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress.
    • Assignable – specify who will do it.
    • Realistic – state what results can realistically be achieved, given available resources.
    • Time-related – specify when the result(s) can be achieved.

    This will not be the year where you’re signing up for some crash diet, guaranteed to help you “lose 30 lbs. in 30 days!” That sounds like horsesh!t… because it is.  Not. This. Year.

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  • Calendar Out Your Workouts
  • This year you’re going to throw away what’s comfortable and you’re going to try new exercises, new things, to help you get in better shape.  On a wall calendar write down in advance what classes/workouts you’re going to do each day.  Perhaps you’re going to try Zumba, or Spinning (Indoor Cycling), or Boot Camp, or Hot Yoga.  Each week it’s something new.  And then after a month you’ll write down what you liked and didn’t like and then plan out your February based on your findings.

    Get that 2015 “All About Cats!” calendar for 50% and make it your workout calendar.  You know, the one with the cute little furry beasts on the front.  Do it!

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  • Download and Use a Tracking App
  • Personally I recommend My Fitness Pal.  It’s free, it syncs from your laptop to your smartphone, and it will clearly and brutally honestly help you track your food, drink, and workouts.  Commit to doing it for just one month and go from there.  Like I was, you will be shocked by what you find out.  Chances are you’re consuming so much garbage that your previous workouts were really just trying to help you maintain.  And, friend, in 2015 we’re not about maintenance… we’re about progressing towards our fitness and nutrition goals!

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  • Create/Join a Community of Like-Minded People
  • Like it or not, we are often a reflection of the company we keep.  If we hang out with people that order dinner every night at every single Cheesecake Factory within a 200 mile radius of our front porch… yeah, we’re gonna look like it.

    Use a site like Meet Up and get connected with people that are committed to making 2015 a year of continued success.  You’ll develop a network of people (aka “friends”) that you can lean on when you’re struggling and who can lean on you when they’re struggling.  I find it very empowering when I’m the crutch a friend desperately needs.  It makes me work my program better.

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  • Have a Funeral… and Journal About It
  • Say what?  Yeah, a funeral.  It’s going to be an emotional loss, seriously, saying goodbye to high-sugar, high-saturated fat foods that your new fitness plan is, well, burying.  Consider soaking in lighter fluid and torching the last few Oreos, you know, the ones in the back of the closet.


    Begin to journal, with actual pen and paper, your journey.  Commit to writing in it daily, or every other day, or at least once a week.  Journal how you feel when you’re hungry, when you’re sore, when you’re happy, when you’re nervous, when you’re high (because of a great workout).

    The power of journaling has been well documented.  It might be weird, especially if you’re a type first and second… and pen to paper a distant third.  It will help you mentally more than you can possibly imagine.

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    There ya go.  You can do this.  You’ve now got 5 ways to kick start your 2015 fitness plan.  Tweet at me and let me know how it goes!

    To Setting Yourself Up for Success.




    Allen Gil
    Allen Gil


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