5 Ways to Make Casual Friday Sexy

by Allen Gil January 02, 2015

5 Ways to Make Casual Friday Sexy

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Fridays at the office are almost always the best day of the week. The weekend is coming in hot and happy hour or just some sweatpants and a bottle of wine at home is on your mind.  Many workplaces allow a “casual Friday” which in laymen’s terms quite simply means: you may now wear jeans.

But eh, that can get boring.

Why not spruce things up a bit and get your outsides looking and feeling as awesome as you do on the inside. After all, it is FRIDAY! Here are 5 ways to make casual Friday look GOOD.

  • Wear Red

Guys, throw on a nice red button down or collared shirt. Ladies, put on some red lips or a red blouse will do! Red is most commonly associated with SEDUCTION, PASSION, and POISON (just a little bit naughty) AND is pretty flattering on most people. Wearing the color will just make you feel sexier and ready to DOMINTE your work load for the day.  Besides, you are definitely more likely to get noticed by that good looking guy or gal in the sales department when wearing a bold color such as red.

casual red

  • Play Up Your Eyes

And I don’t mean makeup. If you have a pair of glasses, but are normally a contact lens wearer, give those a break and throw on the shades. Be that sexy secretary for the day. It’s a fact that guys find ladies in glasses provocative and mysterious (primarily if you don’t wear them regularly). Men, well you just look more dashing and intelligent… and what lady wouldn’t want a smart, sexy, successful man?

casual glasses

  • Wear Your Favorite Perfume/Cologne

Most men and women have more than one scent to choose from in their body fragrance collections. Save your “date night” scent for the day time! On Fridays, spray a little spritz of your favorite perfume or cologne that you don’t use often. You’ll not only feel sexified but other people are guaranteed to notice. Just don’t go overboard or it can be more of a turn-off than turn-on.

casual cologne

  • Put Your Best Foot Forward

I for one HATE heels… but even the most passionate heel hater can step up their game for one day. Besides, you are sitting most of the day if you’re in an office, anyways. Heels or wedges (I prefer wedges) will give your legs that “supermodel long” appearance and you’ll feel a bit more jazzed up too! Your strut might even change to be sassier as well. Guys – put on your going out shoes and leave the loafers at home. If you dress the part, the attitude boost will just come naturally.

casual shoes

  • Do Your Hair

Women and men. It’s easy to hop out of the shower on any given morning and let it dry au-natural. However, it’s Friday! Let’s put some effort into the ‘do’. Ladies, wearing your hair down and styled (even just blow-dried straight) will give you that sensual appeal. Guys, put some product in your hair and you’ll be looking suave smooth in no time.

casual hair When all 5 tips above are combined…WATCH OUT WORLD. You’ll be unstoppable. Get your Fridays a little sexier and you Friday nights might be even better.

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Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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