50 Ways to Get Over Your Ex

by Allen Gil January 05, 2015

50 Ways to Get Over Your Ex

You want to, you need to, you MUST get over your ex.

Here's 50 ways.  Ready... Set...


    1. Go out with friends
    2. Date other people
    3. Drink til you blackout/curse their name
    4. Burn all evidence/pictures
50 ways burn
    1. Know there are other fishies
    2. Work on self-improvement
    3. Unfriend them
    4. Block them
    5. Delete their number
    6. Remove address from GPS
    7. Delete their email address
    8. Lift weights/get swole
    9. Buy new clothes
    10. Start up that new hobby you meant to try
    11. Buy a vibrator/fleshlight
    12. Literally pack up your sh!t and move
    13. Get a therapist and go
    14. Get a pet – fish, hamster, doggie, kitty?
50 ways kitty
    1. Journal the f*ck out of the experience
    2. Go bowling
    3. Go fishing
    4. Take a cruise
    5. Go camping
    6. Take a class
    7. Get a “massage”
    8. Go on 10 random Tinder dates
    9. Sext that really old flame
    10. Cook something new
    11. Volunteer at an animal shelter
    12. Volunteer at a battered women’s shelter
    13. Set new goals
    14. Become an Uber/Lyft driver
    15. Sign up and train for an endurance event
    16. Spend more time with family
    17. Burn your bed sheets/buy new sheets
    18. Go skydiving
50 ways skydiving
  1. Put a hex on your ex
  2. Learn a new instrument
  3. Know you’ll eventually get over them
  4. Wallow/grieve/mourn
  5. Get Tested
  6. Drive cross-country
  7. Do Karaoke sober at 3pm on a Saturday
  8. Buy new car air fresheners
  9. Work more
  10. Try a new exercise class
  11. Spend time in a sweat lodge
  12. Read the books you meant to read
  13. Watch “Swingers”, “The Break Up”, and “He’s Just Not That Into You” all in one night
  14. Write an article for GYFT’s Get Happy section titled “50 More Ways to Get Over Your Ex”

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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