9 Signs She's Not Into You

by Allen Gil January 07, 2015

9 Signs She's Not Into You

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So you’ve got your eye on that one girl. She’s low maintenance, easy to talk to, and downright hot. Problem is, you’re hovering a little too close to the friend zone.

Sure, you can convince yourself that it’s better to be friends first and test out the waters, but will you ever make it past that point?

If she’s dropping these ten bombs, courtesy of AskMen and Thought Catalog, then our guess is you’ll never move past the friend zone. Do yourself a favor, and steer clear of these chicks at all costs.

The ol' "It's me, not you" excuse

1. She’s not ready for a relationship

As Askmen’s top signal, this one should be your first red flag. What she really means is: she’s not ready for a relationship with you. Don’t fall for this crap. Move on and move on fast.

2. “I’m focusing on me right now

Again, this is laughable. Thought Catalog translates this perfectly, “I’d rather be single than with you.” She’s doing you a favor by spelling out that she’s just not that into you.

3. “I’m super busy”


This is one of my favorites and I may have used it more than necessary at one point or another. If you find yourself constantly being bombarded with some of the lamest excuses, take the hint and walk away.

Okay, maybe it is you

4. “I wish more guys were like you”

Let me get this straight. She wants more guys like you, but she doesn’t want you. Interesting. You can’t possibly miss this. She doesn’t think you’re hot, but she knows you’re a decent catch.

       5. You’re always calling her or she doesn’t answer you

So you’re feeling pretty good that you’ve made it all the way to number five without checking off any of the flags. I’m guessing she even answers all of your texts and phone calls which leaves you feeling a bit more confident. Or maybe she doesn’t even answer you back. Has she ever initiated the conversation? If not, the feelings only go one way and you’re wasting your time. That leads us to my next point.

6. She only calls you when she needs something

She finally calls you since it’s Friday night and all of her plans fell through. You agree to grab a drink only to realize a few more red flags.  


  7. She’s bored and distracted

      There’s nothing worse than sitting across from a girl who’s stuck on her phone texting the entire night. She may tell you that she’s texting her bestie, but our guess is she texting the guy who didn’t want to go out with her. Again, don’t waste your time with this one.
    8. She talks about other guys
        If she leaves her phone alone during your one on one time but constantly brings up an ex in conversation, then she’s definitely not over him. Even if it’s not an ex, if you hear another guy’s name, you need to close your tab out and find another girl ASAP.
    9. “I don’t see you that way”
        This last one is the icing on a pathetic cake. You finally muster up the confidence to tell her how you feel, thinkin’ she’d return the favor. And then you get this response: “I don’t see you that way.”
        It doesn’t matter if this is only the beginning of her sentence and she ends it with right now or just yet, or any other garbage; she’s not into you.
        Get out of the friend zone today by avoiding these false hopes and find someone who’s actually interested in you. 

    Allen Gil
    Allen Gil


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