Is Your New Diet Too Restrictive?

by Allen Gil January 08, 2015

Is Your New Diet Too Restrictive?

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One of the many reasons that diets don’t work is due to the sheer deprivation nature of them.

• Don’t eat carbs.
• Don’t eat cheese.
• Don’t eat chocolate.
• Don’t have fun.

That sounds about right… right?

Problem is, depriving yourself of all the fun things in life sucks and is really not sustainable.

You’ll end up restricting yourself to the point where you finally give in and may even binge and go overboard.

Once this cycle begins, the negative thoughts can start to flood your brain and really destroy your workout efforts and your self-esteem.

So before you go ruining your hard work, let’s take a different approach starting today.

Instead of saying “I can’t have that piece of cake” or even those office cookies that everyone else is eating…Try saying “I don’t want that piece of cake.”

This gives you the power over whether or not you can eat something, not your diet dictating what you can and cannot do with your life.

Next, you’ll want to reiterate why you don’t want that piece of cake.

“I really don’t feel like doing an extra 10 burpees for that one slice of cake.” -or- “That cake is probably not even worth those extra calories.”

This also gives you control instead of making you feel like you’re missing out.

Another great thing to ask yourself is, “will this help me get closer to my goals or help prolong when I can see some real results?”

We’re always looking for a quick fix as a society, yet we do things to slow our chances of attaining our goals all the time. How crazy are we?

Lastly, another thing you can try is the one bite approach.

This one requires more self-control and can be a little tougher to implement. If you really want to try that piece of cake:

  • Take one bite and one bite only.
  • This isn’t about deprivation.
  • This is about the fact that no other bite is going to be as good as that first one and is therefore not even worth it.

Practicing the “can’t have” vs “don’t want” approach will take some time to get used to but in the end it will definitely be worth it.

Stop feeling deprived and start taking control today!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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