Get a FREE Chipotle Burrito on Jan 26th

by Allen Gil January 09, 2015

Get a FREE Chipotle Burrito on Jan 26th

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As someone who prefers a meat-less diet, Chipotle has always been one of my favorite vegetarian go-tos. But not everyone agrees or wants to live this lifestyle, and the clever marketers of Chipotle understand this pretty well.

That’s why on January 26th, 2015, Chipotle restaurants are challenging their customers to try their new Sofritas (tofu soaked in a roasted poblano and spice blend).

In return, you’ll get a FREE Burrito.

Yep, they are just that awesome. Sofritas-Deal If you look at the Chipotle brand from a fast food health standpoint, they continue to lead the way with their mission and quality of ingredients.

“Food with integrity is our commitment to finding the very best ingredients raised with respect for the animals, the environment and the farmers.”
What does this translate to? Produce that is locally sourced whenever possible, food raised sustainably and animals that are not cramped into tiny cages and fed antibiotics due to disgusting living conditions. For meat lovers or plant-based addicts, if you’re stuck settling for a fast food restaurant and you live close to a Chipotle, this should be your first pick.

Vegetarian Bowl

If you’ve ever wanted to try a vegetarian meal that actually fills you up and gives you a good amount of protein, then you’ll love this vegetarian bowl:
  • Choose the salad for a base- I don’t add rice, but you can opt for brown rice if you want
  • Black beans
  • Fajita veggies (grilled onions and peppers mix)
  • Mild salsa (chopped up tomatoes)
  • Corn mixture
  • Cheese -I ask them to go light here as they tend to over sprinkle (portion control is key here)
  • Guacamole- They don’t charge extra for the guacamole if you opt for no win in my book
  • Vinaigrette - Their vinaigrette is amazing and I insist on getting it every time but I try not to use all of it

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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