Healthy Snacks That Can Secretly Pack on the Pounds

by Allen Gil January 14, 2015

Healthy Snacks That Can Secretly Pack on the Pounds

Do you love healthy snacks and drinks? Do you make sure they’re in your lunch box every day to help you stay focused and on track? Are they packed with protein, healthy fats and maybe even antioxidants?

Well, have you heard of the saying " too much of a good thing, can turn to bad?" The following 5 "healthy" beverages and foods, can pack on the pounds if you are not aware of how much of them you are consuming.

1. Avocados

This superfood has 10 grams of fiber and more potassium than a banana. It will help lower your cholesterol levels, reduce cancer and diabetes risk, and can even improve your skin. HOWEVER, it has a very high fat content. Try not to go overboard though. Use it as a treat once a week. Remember, even monosaturated fat, is still FAT.

2. Protein Bars

What is your favorite protein? Have you even looked at the nutritional facts? How much sugar is in one serving and is the entire bar 1 or 2 servings? How about using your favorite protein bar only when you are in a time crunch? Take the time to look at different bars and compare the sugars, fats proteins and calories per serving. It may surprise you. Instead, look for one with reduced sugar or even zero sugar, for instance, Quest Bars. Do not substitute real protein sources with bars and shakes as a staple, though.

3. Dried Fruit


Could dried-up fruit really be that bad for you? YES! They add a ton of sugar in the fruit to make them taste better when they are dehydrated. Not to mention, can you really eat just one handful of raisins? I beg to differ! Food for thought… 1 tablespoon of raisins is equivalent to the amount of calories in a full cup of fresh berries! Choose wisely :

4. Gluten Free Foods

Ahhhhhh.. I hear this chant almost daily, "I eat healthy and clean. I'm gluten free." I hate to break it to the gluten free lovers that do not have gluten allergies or need to eat gluten for healthy reasons, many gluten-free products contain more calories than the similar gluten product. In order for the gluten free products to feel and taste similar to our taste buds, they tend to use cornstarch and brown flours, which have more calories than the gluten products ingredients.

5. Vitamin/Nutrition Waters

Popular drink companies do a great job promoting that their products quench your thirst, help with that nasty hangover or give you energy. At the end of the day, if you read the labels, they have over 25 grams of sugar per serving! Drink water, Its calorie free!!!

So, the next time you grab that handful of dried cranberries or reach for the low-sugar vitamin water, think twice. You can use those calories or sugars for that treat you have really been looking forward to all week!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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